On resolutions past and present

IMG_0430 February will be here before we know it, which means I have to post this whole "adios, 2014, hola 2015" thing now, or never. I'm a mull it over type of person, which means I'm never fully resolved on what my resolutions are until everyone is done thinking about it and certainly done reading about it. Which is precisely why I never shared any last year. But I made them- oh yes I did! And I'm going to share them with you now, because I actually did pretty great and sometimes I need to remind myself of that. So yes, it's the end of January, and no one cares anymore, but here it is- my post o' resolutions past and resolutions to come!

For 2014, I made 3 goals.

  1. Bathe my kids at least twice a week. Yes, I'm being serious. My girls get wild in the bath, which meant I got in a not so good habit of putting off bathing them. Which is gross. So yes, I set a very attainable goal- and I pretty much did it! I didn't keep a sticker chart to keep track or anything, but I'm pretty sure I at least met my goal, and often exceeded it. Way to go me!
  2. Run the Richmond Marathon. I trained for it in 2012 and found out I was pregnant with Caroline 6 weeks before the race. I knew then that I couldn't *not* run a marathon in my life because I was SO SO close. I'd done as far 18 miles before I found out I was pregnant and stopped training because I was so utterly exhausted and it was painful to run. This year, no babies were in the plans, so I trained. And trained. And trained. Nearly every weekend from July-November I spent on long runs, and the time alone was quite a sacrifice. But I did it! On November 15, 2014 I ran the Richmond Marathon. I felt totally prepared, and it was still the hardest thing mentally and physically that I've ever done. I think back on it and I really almost can't believe it happened. I RAN A FREAKING MARATHON! But it did, and I lived to tell the tale!
  3. Start an Etsy shop. Ok, this one I didn't do at all, actually. But I did do a ton more sewing and I branched out and became a lot more involved in the online sewing community. So while I didn't accomplish this goal in it's entirety, I did work on the spirit of the goal, which was to get serious about my sewing. And hey, maybe this will be the year that I finally work up the courage to start selling what I make.

Not terrible, right? 2.25/3 goals accomplished! 2014 was actually a really challenging year in a lot of ways, but I'm happy to have lived it and happy to have lived past it. And hey, we also became home owners! That wasn't a resolution for 2014, but it was a life goal accomplished, and I couldn't be happier about it. Cheers, 2014!


And now, for 2015.

  1. Read the scriptures every day with my family. I feel like we're getting to the stage where it is reasonable to have kids listen to scriptures so it is high time we make this a family habit. We started on Jan 1 and we're doing pretty good! Charly asks lots of relevant questions so I feel like she's understanding quite a bit of it. I don't expect that to always be the case- some parts are more narrative than others, but I think even if they don't get it the habit is important. We're reading the Book of Mormon and following the schedule on the instagram account @BOM365. Basically it tells us exactly what verses to read each day to be able to finish in a year. It's usually around 15 verses and we read it during meals while the girls have food to occupy them, haha!
  2. Use up my stash of clothes to be refashioned. Between thrifting/cleaning closets/being given old clothes I've got two moving boxes full of stuff to be made into something else. I don't have the discipline for a ban on new fabric, but my goal is to try to use what I have first. I'd love to make some up cycled children's clothing and sell it (there's that Etsy shop goal again!) but if nothing else I want to use what I can for my own family. And hey, if that's something you'd be interested in buying, send me a message! I love doing custom stuff!
  3. Make this house a home. I've mentioned before that we moved right before Christmas, so we haven't been here long, but we're making good progress! I literally stop and look at things in awe sometimes that this place is really ours. It is so totally perfect for us, and made sweeter by the fact that we were living with Matt's family for the last year. Bless them, they are seriously awesome and were so accommodating, but sharing a space with 5-6 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats and dog is a pretty hard thing even under the best circumstances. Needless to say, we have a profound appreciation for this little space of ours and can't wait to keep making it ours all year long. Maybe I'll even blog about it:)
  4. Learn to knit. Because I need to feed my making addiction while also feeding my TV addiction. I'm already making good progress on this one, expect an update soon!

So here goes (and going!), I'm gonna crush it, 2015!


Thanks for reading, friends!