Meet my new best friend toy.

Its a Brother 834DP Homelock serger. (every time I think of my new brother I think of Arrested Development- "hey brother")

This serger comes to me from the good graces of Liz Thayer. Liz, if you are reading this, you don't know how happy you have made me. I literally had dreams about serging things on Tuesday night. You can bet this bad boy is going to get some use:)

Tuesday evening we spent some time getting acquainted. I figured out how to thread this beautiful machine...

Four threads. Kinda complicated, but so worth it. 

And watched how the four threads come together to create a beautiful overlock stitch.

Close up of the sewing mechanisms. 

I'm in love.

My first serged project was a knit top. I bought the knit on clearance at Joann's a week or two ago with the intention to conquer my fear of sewing knit with a sewing machine. Now that I have a serger I really don't have to, but you can sew knit on a regular machine. has some great tutorials on sewing knit with a regular machine, including this one.

I wanted my top to be looser around the bottom (a style I am loving right now) but still fitted up top. My narrow shoulders tend to get lost in looser tops, so this was my solution.

It looks really cute without a belt too. I bought some more knit at Joann's yesterday and will work on getting a tutorial made for this top soon.

In the mean time, you better believe I am serging anything I can get my hands on.