Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014- Day 1

And all of the sudden I'm back! Posting for Perfect Pattern Parcel earlier today (and again tomorrow) and now Kids Clothes Week is upon us and I'm hoping to stay somewhat up to date with my projects this week. Yesterday was day 1, and since I'd done a bit of prep work by cutting a couple projects out, I managed to finish one of them.

This peplum top was made using the Pippa Peplum pattern from See Kate Sew. I used this pattern to sew a couple dresses for someone recently but this was my first time sewing up a Pippa for one of my girls. Charly gasped when she saw it this morning and immediately declared it was her Snow White dress. I have no idea why she's calling it that, but I couldn't have asked for a better reaction!

I made it using this shirt that I bought for myself at the thrift store a couple of years ago. I have no idea why I bought it. I don't usually wear those colors or that silhouette, which is why its been sitting in my dresser nearly the entire time I've owned it. Lucky for me neon is in and this bad boy was just big enough to cut a top for Charly out of. I was able to cut the bodice and sleeves out of just the fabric from the sleeves of the original shirt!

I used the bottom of the shirt as the skirt portion of the top by measuring the height of the peplum pattern piece and cutting that much off the bottom of the shirt, following the curve. Because of that the bottom has a bit more fullness than the original pattern but it saved me the pain of hemming. Hooray!

So that's day one of Kids Clothes Week for me. I've got two more patterns cut and ready to sew, and about 20 more I want to make. I'd love to make one thing each day, but I realize that may be a bit ambitious for me at this point. Can't hurt to try though, right? Wish me luck!


Meet my new best friend toy.

Its a Brother 834DP Homelock serger. (every time I think of my new brother I think of Arrested Development- "hey brother")

This serger comes to me from the good graces of Liz Thayer. Liz, if you are reading this, you don't know how happy you have made me. I literally had dreams about serging things on Tuesday night. You can bet this bad boy is going to get some use:)

Tuesday evening we spent some time getting acquainted. I figured out how to thread this beautiful machine...

Four threads. Kinda complicated, but so worth it. 

And watched how the four threads come together to create a beautiful overlock stitch.

Close up of the sewing mechanisms. 

I'm in love.

My first serged project was a knit top. I bought the knit on clearance at Joann's a week or two ago with the intention to conquer my fear of sewing knit with a sewing machine. Now that I have a serger I really don't have to, but you can sew knit on a regular machine. has some great tutorials on sewing knit with a regular machine, including this one.

I wanted my top to be looser around the bottom (a style I am loving right now) but still fitted up top. My narrow shoulders tend to get lost in looser tops, so this was my solution.

It looks really cute without a belt too. I bought some more knit at Joann's yesterday and will work on getting a tutorial made for this top soon.

In the mean time, you better believe I am serging anything I can get my hands on.