Strip Tease

Its not what you think... this is a family blog- we like to keep things G-rated. PG maybe. So when I titled this post 'Strip Tease' it was in reference to this:

This bad boy is getting stripped. As in, we are using chemical stripper to remove the paint. It is in process (started last weekend), but as it turns out stripping that many layers of paint is quite an ordeal. The 'tease' part of this post is the fact that it is unfinished- just a teaser of what is to come! I'm not sure when we will get a chance to finish up, since our weekend plans have drastically changed due to automotive issues. This is basically the last thing we need to finish up Charly's room, so once this guy is all stripped and stained we can have a nursery reveal! About time, considering this girl is getting closer to being one year old every day. Really, not too much has changed from the nursery that was 99% done in our last house, but you will see a few changes that I'm excited about:)

The tease doesn't stop here, though. I've got a whole slew of unfinished projects I'm working on, and I thought I'd give a sneak peek of a few.

I'm working on this quilt for Miss Charly for Christmas (don't tell- she doesn't know!)

I'm excited to start assembling it!

I'm also working on some stockings for Christmas, since we need some of our own now:

I'm loving how they look so far and I"m excited to share the end result!

Looks like I should have some finished projects to share next week!   Are any of you in the thick of holiday crafting yet? Happy weekend everyone!