Matt's Version of the Birth: Part 1

Disclaimer: If you haven’t read Holli’s version it is a lot better, so read hers first.

Holli got to tell her version of the birth, or at least up to the baby flipping. I thought I would tell the husbands perspective. Holli’s story went back to 36 weeks, which I think is a good place for her to start, but I think I will take us back to day 1.

A little background before I begin. Holli and I are poor. Ok that about covers it. We had been trying to conceive for about 8 months with no luck. I know that’s not something you want to think about so look at this picture of Gary Busey to get your mind off that subject….

Ok now were back… We were getting discouraged and Holli’s periods were all over the place…now go back to Gary…that’s better, so we didn’t really know if she was late or pregnant half the time. So one day Holli took a test and it was negative and we thought better luck next time. Time went on with no period and I thought it was God’s mercy on me sparing me for one month. Then one morning Holli woke me up, probably at about 10 am or so (those were the days) and told me, “Matt I think I’m pregnant.” I asked in a sleepy stupor, “Why because you’re late?” She replied, “No, because I have a positive pregnancy test.” Talk about a wakeup call! So we moved this conversation to the couch. We just kind of sat there and said things like, “Now what?” and “So we’re having a baby.” I then lovingly looked my wife in the eyes and was the most honest and emotionally open I had ever been in our relationship and said, “You know I have no clue how to take care of a child, right?” A little background story. I had no clue how to take care of a child. That is one reason I married my wife. She will be an awesome Mom and hopefully be able to undo all the crazy stuff I do. At least it had worked well in our marriage so far.

Fast forward a little bit. As Holli said the pregnancy was a breeze. No morning sickness, no crazy… Back story. My Mom got crazy when she was pregnant. Sorry Mom. I assumed Holli would too, but I was wrong. She was more calm and collected than normal. Not that she was ever crazy, but every woman is at that time of the month. Remember Gary is there whenever you need him. During the pregnancy I learned about taking care of infants. Holli loves to read books about stuff and she had a ton of Pregnancy books. She would always say, “You should read this book it’s really good.” I was say, “Ok.” Which really meant ”,I would rather be pregnant and give birth to a child then read a book about it.” We also went to birthing classes. Those weren’t that bad, but I saw more naked women then I ever wanted to see.

Fast forward more. We are at 36 weeks and go to the doctors. The midwife, she who shall not be named, told us that our child was breech and Holli needed to have a C-Section. She did it in such a way that I wanted to kick-punch her (that’s a kick and punch at the same time), but that is just kind of how she is. So we needed to re-think some things. Holli really wanted a natural birth and I told her I didn’t really have an opinion as long as she had it in a hospital I was cool with whatever she wanted to do. I felt bad for her because she had her heart set on certain things and I wanted her to be happy. After meeting with Doctor McMillan the OB or as I like to call our appointments “Chillin with McMillan,” he was very good about explaining everything. He had an odd sense of humor. He once told us our child felt like she was big and told Holli to take up smoking so she didn’t get too big. I thought that was hilarious!

We set up our Version aka flipping the baby for Saturday. We called the hospital Saturday and they said they were full and to call back on Sunday. Sure enough Sunday morning we went to have the procedure done. It took about half the day, but the actual flipping part was like 5 minutes. They gave Holli and Epidural and then the Doctor went to work. It was like he was wrestling a midget in a burlap sack. He really put some muscle into that thing, but to no avail. We knew that failure was an option but still hoped it would work. So we set up the C-Section for Jan 18th. Even though our plans changed we still had a plan, an exact time and day even. Little did we know our plans would change! Nothing is certain when giving birth.