Sewing up a storm

I've been doing a whole lot of this lately... preparation for our trip to Utah (got here yesterday!) and our sweet baby girl's blessing. I decided to make a blessing gown for her because I'm picky and very particular and also because I thought it would be sweet to have as a keepsake. I had a hard time finding a pattern I liked. Most of the blessing/christening gown patterns seemed frumpy. The pattern I finally landed on was a normal dress pattern that I tweaked to work for my purposes. If you are interesting in making a similar dress, the pattern is McCalls M6015. I took in the bodice (an infant small was too big for my 3 month old!) lengthened it and combined the sleeves from one variation with the bodice from another. The result is this:

Please excuse the cheesy velvet-y backdrop, a la olan mills, 1992. The dress is a linen/lace combo, and not like any of the christening dress patterns I saw. Here is a close up of the little tulip sleeves, again with a nice velvet backdrop:

I knew I wanted to make a nylon stretchy headband (I used this tutorial) with a flower detail using the leftover material and ended up with this precious little (or not so little) accessory:

I usually try and keep Charly's head accessories small, but I went a little big on this one. Lets hope it works on her sweet little head!
As an afterthought I decided to make some little booties for her to wear as well. I thought this pattern would be too big, but they actually barely fit her. I followed this free pattern from Homespun Threads. I think the whole ensemble will look tender!

And of course, I will post pictures of the little dear modeling all her blessing day garb, as well as pictures from her first trip!