Strip Tease

Its not what you think... this is a family blog- we like to keep things G-rated. PG maybe. So when I titled this post 'Strip Tease' it was in reference to this:

This bad boy is getting stripped. As in, we are using chemical stripper to remove the paint. It is in process (started last weekend), but as it turns out stripping that many layers of paint is quite an ordeal. The 'tease' part of this post is the fact that it is unfinished- just a teaser of what is to come! I'm not sure when we will get a chance to finish up, since our weekend plans have drastically changed due to automotive issues. This is basically the last thing we need to finish up Charly's room, so once this guy is all stripped and stained we can have a nursery reveal! About time, considering this girl is getting closer to being one year old every day. Really, not too much has changed from the nursery that was 99% done in our last house, but you will see a few changes that I'm excited about:)

The tease doesn't stop here, though. I've got a whole slew of unfinished projects I'm working on, and I thought I'd give a sneak peek of a few.

I'm working on this quilt for Miss Charly for Christmas (don't tell- she doesn't know!)

I'm excited to start assembling it!

I'm also working on some stockings for Christmas, since we need some of our own now:

I'm loving how they look so far and I"m excited to share the end result!

Looks like I should have some finished projects to share next week!   Are any of you in the thick of holiday crafting yet? Happy weekend everyone!

To Do...

I’ve been a busy little beaver here- between working full time, the Thanksgiving holiday in Utah (which for the first time in probably ever I didn’t stress out about as I packed), Christmas preparations and getting ready for our little girl to join us in January, I have kept my evenings jam packed with to-do lists. I am a devout list maker, and attribute my ability to navigate these happenings of late to my new adorable to-do post-it pad from Target. My husband thought $4 for a notepad specifically made for lists was ridiculous… well look at me now! Thank the lists.
So what have we been able to get done? Well…
Maternity photo shoot

Lots of sewing, including…

Crib bumpers. I used the prepackaged batting and it came with a simple pattern attached. The bumpers are made in 6 equal pieces rather than two long and two short. This should make storage later on a whole lot easier.
A crib skirt- tutorial courtesy of this site
It was super easy to follow and easy to customize for our crib, which doesn’t require as long of a skirt due to its low profile.

Some throw pillows (for the sofa sleeper-not the crib). I didn’t use a tutorial for these. I had some old throw pillows, cut off the fabric and used those measurements to construct new covers. I think they turned out pretty good if I say so myself!

Matt painted this dresser we bought from a yard sale in Roanoke, using a technique from this blog that I love
I love the little vintage vibe of this piece, especially the detail of the drawer pulls, with our more modern furniture.

A changing pad cover (and another on the way) from this tutorial
FYI- my elastic ended up being pretty snug. I’ll add an inch or so of elastic on my next one.

A Boppy cover from this tutorial
It was a surprisingly easy project, although for the second one I’ll use fabric with some stretch since cotton doesn’t move with the contours of the pillow so well. I used a 22” invisible zipper and it worked out perfectly.
I’m currently working on a bird mobile found on this site
I sewed my birds on the machine and haven’t quite gotten to the mobile assembly yet, but I’m excited to see the finished product!

We’ve also decorated for Christmas, which really just meant a garland, our nativity we bought in Mexico, our tree (live!) and a ridiculous amount of shiny wrapping papers. I have an obsession.
Whew. I’m tired just writing about it. Nothing gives me more satisfaction though than checking things off the ole’ list, so I’m feeling pretty good about things.
And speaking of feeling good- I’m just about 36 weeks along and still feel great, although definitely more uncomfortable than before. This belly has been growing a noticeable amount and the baby seems to be measuring right on track. I have no inclinations that she’ll come early at this point, but who really knows. Her room isn’t ready, despite all the progress we’ve made, but for some reason I’m feeling pretty calm about it. I know it will get done- and in the mean time, I’ll keep making my lists.