I Knit! Passing Showers Tee


I knit something!

I'm not a knitter. Well, I wasn't a knitter. I learned a basic knit stitch some time in high school and probably made a washcloth or scarf or something, and then didn't pick up knitting needles again until two years ago, when I won some luscious yarn and a pattern in a giveaway and made THIS:


Which was a terrible choice for me- I'm definitely not hip enough to pull it off, and a one size pattern isn't the best choice for my petite frame. I didn't finish it off- it's supposed to have braided edges- but instead took it apart because the yarn is way too nice to waste on something I know I won't wear. Since I'm not familiar with many knitting patterns, the yarn still sits, waiting for me to make use of it. If you know a great pattern for this weight of yarn, let me know!

Fast forward to earlier this summer, Kristi offered her new Passing Showers Tee knitting pattern to me (with no obligation to make it or blog about it, btw) and it was too cute to pass up. Those who follow me on instagram have probably seen a bunch progress pics. It's a beginner friendly sweater pattern that I thought may be a good way to dip my toes in the knitting waters again. And I was right! This is a GREAT first sweater pattern! Obviously it's suited to spring/summer/early fall, but since Virginia weather tends to be temperate for most of fall we'll still get use out of it this year, and I'm certain it will fit her next year, too.


She likes the sweater, she just doesn't like taking pictures. Which is unfortunate for her, because in this house if you want mama made you have to be willing to model it.

I loved knitting this sweater because of it's simple construction (it is knit in one piece then  hand sewn together on the side seams) and because it has just enough little details to make it nicely fitted and a great learning project. As I said, I only knew a basic knit/purl- prior to this I'd never knitted ribbing, done an increase or decrease, or cast off/on mid project. I had read only one knitting pattern before- the warrior vest linked above. While each abbreviation in the pattern was listed at the beginning, I used youtube, online tutorials, and a second hand knitting book I picked up to teach me the rest. It was a great challenge that was not so complicated that I got frustrated but not so easy that I got bored.


Pattern:Passing Showers Tee by SweetKM

Yarn: Cotton, hand dyed bya local dyer Urban Girl Yarns

Size: width of 3/4, length of 5/6

Her measurements: in inches below

Chest- 21

Waist- 20

Hip- 23.5

Height- 44


-cast on stitches according to size 3/4 measurement and followed those directions for any horizontal changes, while following measurements/row count for size 5/6

-(accidentally) made the bottom ribbing shorter than the pattern calls for


This sweater is far from perfect- I made many mistakes, but I'm immensely proud of it anyway. I cast on a bit too tight on the bottom front, and cast off too loose on the front neckline (I'm guessing that's why my rib is so stretched below). My decrease at the back armhole looks a mess and my gauge is fairly inconsistent. But that's part of the fun of learning a new craft- I've got lots of room to improve!


As it turns out, there's a reason so many of my sewing friends knit as well. It's a great companion craft. While sewing usually requires my full attention and sitting at the machine, knitting is easily done while watching tv or in the car. For someone who is a busybody like me, this is perfect! It's a totally different pace and feel than sewing but still gives me immense satisfaction and allows me to stretch my creative muscles in a new way. In short: I love knitting and this won't be the last of it! I've already purchased the Simple Ribbed Pixie Bonnet to keep Lucy's little bald noggin warm this winter. It's another simple pattern by Kristi that I can't wait to dig in to!