Sewing for Kindergarten: Aslan Dress


Hello again! I'm back with another outfit sewn for Mie's fantastic series Sewing for Kindergarten. If you missed it, I shared the first outfit I made for her in this post.

Today I'm sharing the outfit she actually chose to wear on the first day of school, so we took these pictures that morning before the bus came. It was also before her nerves kicked in- she got pretty nervous as we waited for the bus (and I did too!) but she managed to make it to class and back home in one piece (phew!) and mostly enjoyed it :)

This summer we read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe aloud, so when she saw this lion fabric she immediately asked for an Aslan dress.

Pattern:Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads

Fabric: Gold Lion jersey and gold ribbing from Elvelyckan Design, won in an instagram giveaway (Gold Lion is no longer in stock but they do have it in nude pink, and it's on sale!)

Size: 4

Her measurements: in inches below

Chest- 21

Waist- 20

Hip- 23.5

Height- 44


-lengthened at the lengthen line by 4"

-shortened sleeve to a half sleeve


I opted to make it larger than her measurements indicate to allow room to grow. She'll likely fit this dress still in the spring!


Mie sent us a few question prompts, here are our answers below!

- Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? Yes, first one!

- Do you feel like crying or celebrating? A little of both. I'm mourning the fact that I'm not a part of so much of her life anymore. She's a very emotional person, so I've always worked to help her navigate her experiences since she feels things SO deeply. Not being able to do that (and her not wanting to share everything) makes me want to cry. But I am celebrating the fact that I'm no longer policing sibling arguments all day!

- What kind of school does your child attend?  Public school

- Question to your kindergartner: What have been the best and the worst part so far?

Best: Playing at recess!

Worst: Lines! There are so much lines and we all have to stay right in them!

Before she left for school she handed me this weed and said "Keep this so you can remember me if you feel sad."


I'm so happy for this growing girl of mine to learn and be challenged and make new friends. Here's to new adventures!

Thanks for reading! You can check out who else is sewing along below!