Handmade Halloween: Gone Batty

Charly is obsessed with Bats. For about a year she had imaginary bats that all had names according to what they ate... Flower, Sugar, Poo Poo... yes, that one ate from the toilet. She knows what nocturnal means and how bats communicate and that some bat species in the US are endangered due to white nose syndrome. She also loves princesses and all things girly, but since we've done princess costumes for a few years in a row I started planting the seed early on to be a bat for Halloween. And somehow, it stuck! I even bought this awesome Cat Eared Hat (which of course we use as a Bat Eared Hat) from Glitter + Wit a couple months back to seal the deal. [embed]https://www.dropbox.com/s/7e2glrcb3tkuvd5/bat%20costume10.png?dl=0[/embed]


I used the Bimaa Sweater Pattern from LouBee Clothing (a fave of mine) with the shawl neck option for the top and the Best Harem Pants from Too Sweets for the bottoms. Harem pants were a good fit since bats have that sort of apron of skin between their little legs. I originally planned to use the Alley Cat Romper from Lil Luxe and attach the wings from the wrist to ankle to make a more realistic bat wing, but I opted for separates so we'd have something wearable after Halloween. Charly already made her strong opinion on rompers known:)





The wings are self drafted and are sewn with a stretch vegan leather from Joann. I sewed simple straps to slide her arms through and left the bottom loose. I didn't even finish the edges on any of it- it was a super lazy sewist project.


I was happy to have a much simpler costume to sew than last year's Anna and Olaf costumes. All that applique just about did me in. Caroline is wearing an old Rapunzel costume this year so I'm off the hook for making a second, but I'm thinking next year I won't get off so easy!