EXPLORER mini collection look 2: HUNT

I'm back today to share details on Look 2 of my EXPLORER mini collection- HUNT EXPLORER look 2

We were in DC for most of this week and just got back yesterday. Between slow internet connections, not having my usual computer with me, and some no-nap days for my kids I just couldn't get this post out yesterday like I had hoped. Sorry!

The City Girl Romper from Lil Luxe Collection seemed like the perfect fit for an explorer. It features a low back with a tie, flat front shorts, and pockets. Truth time: I love rompers on little kids. Charly does not. I'm not sure why I thought she might like this one- it is, after all, not a skirt or dress, which are her main requirements for clothing. I thought it would pair well with the flowy pullover I designed (more on that later) and for some reason I thought I could convince her to like it. I was wrong. She HATES IT, but it has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with her preferences. No bother, Caroline is nearly the same size at this point so it got passed down as soon as we finished this photo shoot. And Caroline LOVES it. I raised the back opening by 2 inches as the low back was a bit too low for my liking, and it is still easy to take on and off. I also added an inch to the bodice length of the size 3 since Charly is a tall skinny 4 year old. I noticed the front of the shorts portion tends to bag a bit and I think it may be due to the added length allowing the elastic to sit lower in front. My one complaint is that the pockets aren't really functional. The pocket pattern piece has to be trimmed down when making the sunsuit version, and even after trimming the recommended amount I found the pockets were too big and hung out of the bottom. I trimmed and trimmed, then sewed the bottom of the pockets in to the hem of the sunsuit to keep them from hanging out and they STILL hang out occasionally, and they're too small to really collect any treasures now. I made the romper out of an upcycled chambray sheet that a friend passed along to me.

EXPLORER mini collection1


EXPLORER mini collection5

The pullover is self drafted, and is a work in progress to becoming my next pattern! I'm still working out the final shape, but I plan to have several options on this one, including a more masculine version as well- hooray! The fabrics are both from my stash, but the main fabric is a french terry from Girl Charlee a while back and the stripe is a sweater knit from Hancock before my local store closed. I plan to make several neck options and a slightly flowier bottom to this version. Charly LOVES this one, as well as the test one I sewed up. I'm really happy with the result, and once again wishing I had this in my size!! Despite her not loving the romper I think this will pair well with the rest of the collection and with other clothes in her closet so it's sure to get good wear out of it!

EXPLORER mini collection14

EXPLORER mini collection19

EXPLORER mini collection20

EXPLORER mini collection21

Look 2 is partially inspired by Charly's love for bats. Yes, bats. She is OBSESSED. We read about bats, she has imaginary bats, she knows different species and threats to their survival and has been asking to build a bat box all summer long. Are you starting to see why EXPLORER was the perfect theme for this girl? Sure, she loves princesses. But some of her favorite things are mushrooms and bats, so she's an explorer at heart. I purchased this Eared Hat- which of course in our house is a bat eared hat- from Glitter and Wit. It was too perfect for this theme and I love how it jives with this outfit and makes a somewhat mature outfit more whimsical. She loved pretending to be a bat on the hunt for these photos.

EXPLORER mini collection27

The moccasins are thrifted from a few years back, but they're Minnetonka brand. She's worn these SO MUCH and they are still in great shape.

EXPLORER mini collection9

As for the rest of the accessories, the bug net is from Dollar Tree, the striped socks are actually panda socks from Target a few years back, and the shoes are these red Converse Hi Tops. As you can see she has quite the variety of red footwear!

EXPLORER mini collection18

So there it is, Look 2 in full detail! If I'm playing favorites, this look takes the cake. Maybe it's the bat hat, maybe it's that pullover I'm excited about working on, or maybe it's her cute legs in that romper and striped socks. It's probably because her fun personality totally came out when she put that hat on. Either way, this one's not such a hit with her, but a total hit for me!