EXPLORER mini collection look 1: FORAGE

Hello again friends! This post is a follow up to my post yesterday about the EXPLORER mini collection I created for the Sew'n Style series at Lil Luxe. Go check out that post if you missed it, then head back here to read more details about the first look! EXPLORER look 1

This first look is completely inspired by my little mushroom lover. I'd say mushrooms are in her top 10 interests. Not eating them, mind you. She's much too picky for that. But she gets super excited when we find them and we often bring some home to examine, hence the first look: FORAGE.

The dress is the Soleil pattern from Selvage Designs, made of the softest Art Gallery Fabrics knit, Agaricus Forest Water. It was purchased from the Imagine Gnats Shop but sadly seems to be out of stock. In place of ribbing I used fold over elastic from Joann and attached it with a 3 step zig zag as this is the only succesful stretch stitch on my machine. I used a serger for the rest of the dress construction and it came together very quickly. Charly loves it because MUSHROOMS, but also because it has pockets for gathering treasures, a flowy skirt for twirling, and is about as comfy as clothes can be thanks to the fabric. This piece has already been a huge success and is one of the first things picked to wear once clothes are washed. I made a size 3 based on measurements (her chest is 53cm) and lengthened the skirt since she's tall and skinny. It ended up a bit loose on her and gapes a bit in back despite stretching the FOE as I sewed to help prevent that but it isn't to the point that you can see down the dress. All in all I'd say it's got room to grow but is completely wearable in the current size. If using a very stretchy knit like mine I'd suggest sizing down if between sizes.

EXPLORER mini collection54

EXPLORER mini collection49

EXPLORER mini collection50 EXPLORER mini collection52

EXPLORER mini collection53

The hoodie is the Peek A Boo Hoodie from Lil Luxe Collection. The fabric is a quilted knit from Joann, but I've been unable to find it on their site. It's got synthetic fibers in it and I wish it was a bit softer on the wrong side. I'm fairly certain a better option (although not in the same color) would be one of these jersey knits from Imagine Gnats or this great variety of quilted knits from Miss Matatabi. The lining is a lightweight sweater knit stripe I've had in my stash. It is used for the hood lining and pocket. I love the look of this hoodie, particularly the center panel and pocket. Since it's still summer we haven't gotten much wear out of this one yet but Charly loves the thumb holes and practically squealed when I showed it to her. The fit is pretty good- a size 3 based on measurements, but if I make it again I'll shorten it. In a less sturdy knit the extra length would lay a bit nicer I think, but with this knit it just sort of bunches and folds higher up near the pocket. The only changes I made to the pattern were increasing the seam allowance on the hood lining at the center of the hood- just because the lining fabric had so much more stretch than the main fabric that I was afraid of it bagging out if it was the same size as the main hood. I also understitched the hood lining hoping to prevent the lining bagging out but I don't think that was necessary or helpful in the long run.

EXPLORER mini collection58

EXPLORER mini collection59

EXPLORER mini collection61

Accessories- Her sandals are Sweetheart Sandals by Hoy Shoes. We love Saltwaters, but this year her feet grew taller but not longer, so the size that fit her shoe in width was much too long. Since the Sweetheart sandal has a buckle it accomodates wider feet- and the red and hearts made it an easy sell for her! The boots are Clarks Kids, bought from Zulily last winter. I can't find them online so I'm guessing it's a model that has been fazed out. Fingers crossed they fit her through this winter too! Her tights are thrifted but the tag says they are from Avon.

EXPLORER mini collection51

EXPLORER mini collection62

So there it is, Look 1 of the EXPLORER collection. Any patterns you're dying to sew up now?!