EXPLORER: Lil Luxe Sew'n Style Mini Collection

EXPLORER title image I've been working hard this past month (hence the radio silence over here) on a mini collection for the Lil Luxe Sew'n Style Series! I was asked to join the Sew'n Style blog tour and eagerly accepted. I'm so excited to share it all with you today- my EXPLORER Collection!

For those unfamiliar, Lil Luxe is a pattern company specializing in little girls patterns. Lil Luxe features lots of high fashion designs and unique patterns. I'd never sewn one before but I've had my eye on a few of them so I was excited to get to sew some up!

The premise of the series is to create a wearable, mixable, small capsule wardrobe based on a theme suited to your child and involving them wherever possible. The collection should have at least half Lil Luxe pieces, which isn't too difficult as she's got a good selection of patterns. Organized by Jessica of Lil Luxe and Melissa of Rebel and Malice, they've had a whole series of posts to help with the process of creating a mini collection. Oh yes, in addition to hosting a blog series, anyone can join in creating their own capsule wardrobe featuring Lil Luxe patterns and enter to win some amazing prizes! Read more about the Sew ’n Style Series and visit the contest page with Link up where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors.

I drew my inspiration for this collection from Charly- she's a girly girl who loves princesses and twirly dresses but she's constantly collecting nature treasures and exploring the woods near our house- or even our own overgrown yard! It seems nearly every new outfit I photograph and share includes pictures of whatever treasures she's collected while I followed her around the yard for our photo shoot. That's Charly- examining rocks, picking flower (weed) bouquets, collecting cicada shells and seed pods and any other specimen she can find. I love the explorer nature inside of her and I hope she always stays so inquisitive. While I easily could have done a more girly theme, this one seemed so perfect for Charly and provided a fun way to combine her wild side with her twirly dress, princess, ballet loving side.

I wanted each look to be transitional as we head in to the seasonal change. Autumn is my favorite time of year here in Virginia- the humidity will make outdoor excursions more tolerable and the scenery can't be beat, so clothes that she can wear now in the August heat but can easily transition to autumn and our often mild winter were a must.

I came up with 3 looks, with each having a summer version and an autumn version. I've been working over the last 6 months or so to create a more cohesive wardrobe for my kids as I sew for them so these colors fit with the general feel of the larger wardrobe i've been working on. Red is her favorite color so it makes a strong appearance in her wardrobe, but other than that she will like most things I make her if a) they are twirly, or b) she can make some association to the fabric, such as being the color of a certain character's outfit or reminding her of a favorite animal. I'll be sharing more details (and lots more photos) about each individual look, including changes I made to patterns, info on fabrics and sources for accessories, Charly's favorite pieces and those that were a bust, as well as inspiration for each look in follow up posts.

Without further adieu (because that's enough adieu as it is, haha!) here are my 3 looks:

Look 1: FORAGE


Dress: Soleil Dress by Selvage Designs

Hoodie: Peek a Boo Hoodie by Lil Luxe Collection

Look 2: HUNT


Romper: City Girl Romper by Lil Luxe

Pullover: Self Drafted

Look 3: GATHER


Dress: Starlight City Dress by Lil Luxe

Vest: Modified Explorer vest by Oliver + S from the book Little Things to Sew

So there it is- check back in the coming week for more details about each outfilt! Is anyone else working on a mini collection? What theme would you choose for your child?