Interview on Kid's Clothes Week Blog

IMG_8873_1895 Happy Monday everyone! I've got a few sewing related things to share today but no finished projects, which it seems is all I've been posting for a while! It's a rainy dreary day here and I'm working on quite a few projects. One is a t shirt quilt for a friend- which is awesome and time consuming:) I'm also doing some transitional sewing- things to get us through the last bit of summer and layer up through fall and winter! I'll be sharing them in a few weeks for the Lil Luxe Sew n Style series put together by Jessica (designer of Lil Luxe) and Melissa (Rebel and Malice). They've got some great posts to get your creative juices flowing in creating a wardrobe mini collection. You can check out those posts here. As I said, I'll be sharing my own mini collection for the series later this month! I've got a few more things lined up for later this month, and I've also got a sew along to schedule for the Blue Ridge Dress. I finished photographing it a couple weeks ago but can't get myself to start on the editing! The photo above shows the tops I made to photograph for the sew along.

Today, though, Jenny from Mend and Make New has interviewed me for the Kid's Clothes Week Blog and is sharing it today! You can read that interview here. Thank you Jenny! I'm a huge KCW fan so I'm flattered to be featured on the blog!

xo Holli