Blue Ridge Dress Tester Tour: Day 2

I'm back for day 2 of the tester tour to show you some more of the awesome dresses created by my testers. Seeing this pattern that came from my brain being worn by little girls literally around the globe has got to be one of the coolest things ever. I love seeing the fabric combinations everyone has come up with and how they put their own spin on it. Every one of them is different and awesome, and I'm having way too much fun seeing what everyone makes! Which brings me to my next point... I've created a Facebook group called Hello Holli Makers as a place for all the awesome sewers who use my patterns (yes, there will be more patterns!) to share what they're making and what's inspiring them. Why create a group when I already have a Facebook page? Well, for starters, Facebook pages aren't very interactive. It's an easy way for me to get the word out about various things (pattern releases, blog posts, etc) but doesn't allow others to share much with each other. The mysterious Facebook algorithm also means that some people randomly will never see a post, which is quite annoying. For those who just want occasional updates, the Hello Holli page is for you. For those who want to share what they make, see what others are making, and be part of a community, well, the Hello Holli Makers group just might be your thang. You don't have to buy the pattern to join, although you'll probably want to after you start seeing what others are making:) Request to join and I promise I'll let you in as long as you aren't a robot or spammer.

So let's see these dresses shall we?

Molly Gaster- Life With Zeke

Molly is a first time pattern tester but experienced seamstress with an instagram feed full of inspiring makes. Look closely here- that bias tape? It's GINGHAM!! Swoon!

11537380_10206660340644657_6294650065640372875_o Chelsie Brady- chelsiebrady Chelsie sewed up the Blue Ridge Dress for the littlest model! This little lady looks so patriotic- and hey, there's still time to make your own patriotic ensemble for Independence day this weekend! 11229581_10152997397915872_752855321636491469_o

Sara Soares- Made by Sara

I don't remember when I first became acquainted with Sara's handiwork but I've been admiring her from afar for a while and was delighted when she signed up to test. Can you see why? I want that dress for myself!


Go check these awesome gals out! And in case you missed it from yesterday, I'm doing a giveaway this week! Two lucky winners will get their own copy of the Blue Ridge Dress pattern (or receive a refund if they've already purchased) and you can still enter through Saturday! Click on the link below to enter.

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And of course, here's the link to the pattern in my ETSY shop!