Wax Print Dress

blog-wax-print-dressF For my birthday this past January I asked for Pattern Workshop. And peace and quiet, but that one's a little harder to deliver on, haha! I'd never drafted my own pattern in my life but I've done lots of alterations to existing garments, refashioning, and lots of sewing. The course, if you haven't heard of it before, is designed to teach you everything you need to know to create and sell digital PDF patterns. Well, other than actual pattern drafting. Lauren (creator of Pattern Workshop, teacher, maker extraordinaire) says you can learn to draft as you go through a textbook, so that's what I'm doing. And it's going surprisingly well! I haven't finished the course yet, but once I got to the actual lesson on drafting digitally it just kind of clicked, and I love it! It feels a little ridiculous to say, but it makes me feel smart. I've never been a huge fan of math-y type things, but the truth is I'm actually pretty good at it. Spatial type stuff has always been my jam- physics and geometry were particular strong points when I was in school, despite always identifying as more of an artsy person. But here's the awesome thing about drafting patterns- it totally speaks to my right and left brained self. I get a high from the meticulous work of creating the pattern blocks and then I get the creative payoff of translating those blocks in to a wearable design. It's kind of perfect. 

So. This is my first completely finished, completely self drafted garment. And isn't it awesome!!?? Yes, I'm going to brag. Because guys, it's pretty great to see an idea turn in to a PERFECTLY fitting dress that my kid loves.



And when I say perfectly fitting, I'm not talking about the length. Because yeah, this one's going to be heading to her sister's side of the closet soon. They are nearly the same size now, after all.


My favorite features? The high neck. Or curved bodice. Or bias bound edges. Maybe the flat piping. Or that deep, vintage style hem. But the french seams... ok ok, I really can't choose. Charly loves the twirl factor, which is a must in any dress for her.



On second thought, maybe my favorite is that perfectly matched back bodice...


The fabric is a thrifted wax print I picked up ages ago, and the trim is a Sketch Basic from Timeless Treasures.


Of course this wouldn't be a proper Charly photo shoot without a little sass...


... and a little treasure hunting...




"A moss ball. For you!"


The moral of the story: Expect more drafting goodness from me!! I'm in love!


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