To the North Mountain! Snow Days and an Anna Hat

snow day anna hat4 We've been getting LOTS of snow lately. And when I say lots of snow, I mean 5-8 inches covering the ground for about two weeks. It's not like Boston over here, no one is sledding off of their rooftop, but for Central Virginia this is kinda nuts. The reality is, it snows every year, and every year EVERYTHING shuts down. I've lived in Virginia for 10 years now, so I know exactly what to expect and I know not to balk at the fact that such a small amount of snow essentially shuts down the state. I get it. It's the South- people don't have snow tires, snow blowers, hands on practice driving in icy/snowy conditions, adequate clothing- I get it. There are lots of backroads here and not enough plows for the few times a year when we do get snow. I know better than to declare the ridiculousness of the situation and compare it to my days growing up in Northern Utah. But guys, it's getting a little ridiculous. We had an actual entire week with no school- from one day of snow.

On the plus side, I don't actually have kids in school, and my girls are LOVING have the chance to play in it! Matt works for the city so most of these school snow days are paid snow days for him, too, which I totally can't complain about. It means days in pajamas, hot cocoa, extra sewing time, and lots of movies. This last snow day the snow was good for packing so we trekked out and made ourselves some snow princesses, because that's what you do when you live with Charly. We busted out the sled and spent a good hour outside, which is all you can hope for when you spend at least 30 min getting all the snow gear on. Caroline was delighted to be pulled along on the sled and bail at random intervals, and Charly barked orders on which princess got which tiara. PLUS we got to take the new winter hat I made for a spin!!

snow day anna hat5

snow day anna hat6

snow day anna hat13

snow day anna hat15

Matt learned some proper snowman building techniques, including some sculpting:

snow day anna hat9

Meanwhile Caroline stood below getting showered:

snow day anna hat11

snow day anna hat10

Her faces are getting so expressive lately. Case in point:

snow day anna hat12

"I'm cold and sick of this bidness."

And not expressive, but so quintessential of wintertime with kids: Behold, the snotsicle!

snow day anna hat14

We also got to test drive the Anna Hat I made for Charly. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen it's humble beginnings as this giant cape. I've gotten 5 hats out of it so far and have plenty more fabric if anyone wants one!

snow day anna hat2

snow day anna hat3

snow day anna hat7

I used this PDF pattern I found on Etsy to make the hat. This is the first time I've ever made one of her patterns- actually the first time I've ever seen one- and I am really pleased with the attention to detail and the end result.

For those who are interested I'll post some details about the hat below. Even though it's already March I have a feeling we'll be using this hat at least a few more times this winter!!

Pattern: Joyce Ann Bonnet by Stitchwerx Designs

What I loved:

  • no detail was spared- top stitching aplenty, lots of options for variation
  • I learned a cool trick for making a strap with elastic inside- way easier than what I would have come up with!
  • detailed instructions for things like notching that amped up my skills- I've notched a million curves, but the way she did it was better than my way for something thick like this with multiple layers.

What I changed: 

  • Nada!

What I'll change next time:

  • I might size down a bit since the hat seems pretty roomy
  • shorten the chin strap, or omit it since it bothers Charly
  • lengthen it maybe 1/2 an inch. It seems just a bit short.

Fabric & Notions:

This hat nearly completes Charly's Anna costume. I made the dress and cape, she got the boots for her birthday, and now all she needs (according to her) is some gloves. I'm thinking of making the mittens in Oliver + S Little Things to Sew because I've made them before and they are easy to whip up. I don't really get too excited about costume sewing, especially when it's not super unique or original, but I have to admit this Anna stuff has been fun because she just loves it all so much!

Anyone else enjoying some late winter snow days? Or NOT enjoying them- haha?!