Fungi (and gal) Skirt

2-15-mushroom-skirt_0062 Did you cringe when you read the title of this post? I kinda cringed as I typed it, envisioning my dad telling yet another "fungi" joke and chuckling to himself about it. He is one giant dad joke, I tell ya. But I couldn't resist- we'll consider it a homage dads everywhere, telling all the best jokes that no one laughs at :) To dads!

For my final days of Kid's Clothes Week I usually lose steam, but not this time! I sewed this skirt AND cardigan, and have an identical Caroline-sized cardigan 80% finished. I'm waiting to buy more thread tomorrow to finish hers up. I'll post the cardigan details once I get hers finished and take pictures of them together because MATCHY MATCHY CARDIGANS, PEOPLE so that has to happen. I will say I made them both out of one oversized, quilted knit, thrifted sweatshirt and I am so stupid in love with them.



The skirt, though, I wasn't even planning when I started Kid's Clothes Week. I bought the fabric last Saturday when I stopped by Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA. I used to live in Leesburg and I'm super in love with downtown so I had to stop in and see what it was all about. I live in Richmond now, about 2.5 hours away, and it kills me that it wasn't there when I lived in Leesburg. WHYYYY? I bought two cuts of fabric even though I wanted everything in the shop. Seriously, everything she has stocked was absolutely drool worthy, but I refrained and bought two, the pocket lining for this skirt (which I have more of and plan to make a dress for Caroline with) and this Mushroom March organic fabric. The fabric sat on my shelf next to the thrifted sweatshirt and then one day mid week I realized they were a gorgeous match and they quickly made it on the list. And then I made them!

Also, I'm known for my great story telling skills. :)


Sidetone: Charly is obsessed with mushrooms. Every time we see them on a walk she wants to pick them and bring them home, so I finally started bringing stuff in our double jogger to bring them home in so we could dissect and examine them. We've seen white, brown, pink, red, large and flat, tall and skinny, and itty bitty ones. She is absolutely fascinated by them, and I'm all about fostering that curiosity. She loves the skirt, like really really, and even declared it to have an adequate twirl factor. Mission accomplished!



The skirt is self drafted. It's a simple gathered skirt but I'm really proud of how it turned out. I made sure to not hurry through those finishing touches that can sometimes feel like a total burden. Whenever I do cut corners I notice it every time I see the project and it haunts me, so taking time to finish things nicely is worth it for me.


I made a flat front/elastic back waistband with a button tab detail. The button tab was going to be functional as I like to make these a size up and have it be adjustable, but I forgot to add in the extra width in my measurements so rather than fuss with a button hole (which my machine does a terrible job of) I just sewed the button on top of the tab and called it good. I guess that's cutting a bit of a corner, but I don't feel one bit guilty about it.


I lined it with swim lining! I took a cue from Lauren's Syrah Skirt on that one, although the Syrah main fabric is knit and this one is woven. I wasn't sure it would turn out but the color was perfect, I already had it, and it doesn't need to be hemmed. That was enough to convince me! It kind of sticks to the main fabric which could be annoying, but it didn't seem to bunch at all and it didn't stick to her thick tights today either after many hours of wear. I don't know if it's a perfect solution, but I'd do it again in a pinch.


I used a remnant of the selvage for the size tag. I looked down after cutting my skirt pieces and this perfect little scrap that said "mushroom" was there so I put it to good use. I'm sure it will fray some but I don't think I mind.

The best part about this skirt is that I was able to make the entire thing with 1/2 yard of fabric and all I have left over is one small 3x3 inch scrap. It's got a large enough hem that I can let it out if she grows another couple of inches, too!





Phew! It's been a busy week, but I love getting so many projects done! I always have more projects in my head than I can ever actually execute so it feels good to get a couple out of my brain and in to real life.