On rough times and gratitude

You know those weeks where things are just rough? That's this week. Actually, it's been a rough season. Maybe rough isn't the right word- it's been a busy season, and now it's a crazy week. I've got a sick kid (respiratory virus, producing 103* fever, thanks for asking) and a kid teething (8 teeth in 2 weeks, and half are molars), a moving date looming in T-2 weeks, Christmas gifts to make (because I'm crazy- straight up nuts) and I'm getting sick, too. Oh, and the meds they gave my kid make her hyperactive and make it hard for her to sleep- just what a sick parent needs :)

So yeah, I guess rough is the right word. I'm doing fine, relatively speaking. I'm not totally freaking out (yet) so that's about the best you can hope for sometimes. I am reminding myself that one day Caroline will have a mouth full of teeth, Charly will be her mellow, not sick self, I'll be able to breathe again, and we'll be in our own space by Christmas time. We may be surrounded by boxes, but the Christmas tree will be our Christmas tree, the fireplace will be our fireplace, and the girls will come down our very own stairs Christmas morning.

Plus, there's this:

Yeah, I'm blessed with a pretty awesome little family, and a fabulous photographer for a friend. (Thanks Brinn!) I've got lots to be grateful for, even when I've got lots of reasons not to be, too. But that's life, isn't it? Things will always go wrong, things will always be hard, things will be rough. But things will be good, too. And I'm grateful.