Beach Day Bonnet

We returned from our quick beach weekend, and while the sea worked her magic on my cranky kids, it is good to be back in the swing of things. Vacations aren't so much about relaxation when you have young kids, ya know? On our drive back, while Caroline cried (she's not a car napper, so cranky pants just wailed when she got too tired) Matt commented on needing a vacation from our kids after our vacation. Maybe next year:)

Our actual time spent on the beach was fantastic, though. Teething, cranky, Caroline was happy just sitting playing with (and tasting) the sand. For hours. Charly had a little friend to build and run and collect shells with, and I got to watch the delight on my sweet babies faces as they soaked up the magic of the ocean. There's something pretty fantastic about re-experiencing things with kids. Suddenly all the sand in every nook and cranny is totally worth it.

Also, I got pictures of this bonnet I made for Kid's Clothes Week. I whipped it up on Thursday, the night before we left, when I remembered that Caroline's sun hat didn't fit on her head anymore. Her bald head needs the coverage, but big brims make her crazy, so I drafted this small brim to add to the Storybook Woods Baby Bonnet pattern that I've used twice before (here and here). I also changed the shape of the bonnet around the chin and cheeks a bit to keep it out of her face more. Since I didn't think of it until after she'd gone to bed, I didn't get an accurate measurement and subsequently it is just about too small. I actually tried to go in and gently measure her head while she slept, but her eyes shot wide open and I ran out. Nothing, I mean NOTHING (save a safety concern) is worth waking Caroline for.

The bonnet is fully reversible, so it can easily match both her bathing suits. You know, because I think about those sorts of things. I'm ridiculous. The red flower fabric is from a thrifted, handmade kimono style robe that I bought specifically for refashioning. The cream is a linen with silver metallic threads woven in. In person it is absolutely splendid. I've been saving a small remnant of it for a while and was happy to use it finally. I also reused the inside ties to make the ties for the bonnet, which made this project that much quicker.

Caroline tolerates the bonnet, which is about as much as I can hope for. Well, she did tolerate the bonnet, except the morning we took these pictures both girls were in rare form. This is Charly and I as Matt gets the settings right on the camera. She pretty much had that look on her face most of the morning.

Sporting almost entirely handmade in this pic, except for Charly's swim suit!!

Matt took Charly back to the beach house so I could finish up pictures with Caroline and Caroline LOST IT.

On that note...

Things I loved:

  • quick and easy to sew, tracing the pattern to finished piece in one evening
  • and only two pattern pieces (three with my additional brim)
  • that linen. mmmm.
Things I changed:
  • drafted a narrow brim
  • tapered the cheek section to a point, rather than keeping the rounded corners
Things I'll change, next time:
  • remove some fullness from the crown. It always seems a bit too big in that area
  • actually measure my kid's head :) has anyone noticed that theme around here?
Notions and fabric:
  • thrifted red flower cotton
  • natural colored linen with metallic threads woven in from JoAnn years ago
I'd really like to explore this sun bonnet idea more- perhaps altering the pattern, or making my own to fit a little better and give more options. Like how about one made of swim fabric? Ooh, now I'm thinking!
That wraps up another successful Kid's Clothes week! I'm happy with all I was able to accomplish, and always happy for the little kick in the pants that it gives me.
Oh, and one last thing. I couldn't leave without a matchy matchy picture of the little miss and I in our matching Prefontaines! (see them here and here)