Mini Blinging Prefontaines

It's Kids Clothes Week again!! Which means I'll be busily sewing all the things, and actually posting about them in almost real time. I prepped for Kids Clothes Week by cutting out most of my projects ahead of time so I could bust them out real quick like. It's immensely satisfying to finish up multiple projects in a matter of days, so the prep is well worth it, particularly since I'll be heading to the beach at the end of the week (HAAAALLELUJAH!) so I won't be able to sew the entire week. I did start a day early though, to make up for my beach weekend, so I made these shorts on Sunday.

Do they look familiar? Yeah, I made the exact. same. ones. for myself, just a few months ago. And I wear them nearly every week. I had just barely enough left from the dress I upcycled for mine to eek out a little pair of gold trimmed Prefontaine Shorts for my sweet Caroline. (sidebar: she's been anything but sweet lately. Can a 14 month old have anger issues?!?)

The littlest Coats lady needs more shorts. Like bad. Dresses are still proving difficult for this new walker; she falls a lot and dresses seem to get in the way of her standing back up, so shorts are on the menu for summer. Mini Prefontaines fit the bill, and since I've already sewn them before, I knew this would be a quick but satisfying sew for Kids Clothes Week. I was right :)

The little diva

I've been toying with the idea of using a more standard rubric, of sorts, for doing pattern reviews. I tend to get wordy, so some sort of standard for sharing my thoughts on patterns could potentially keep my wordiness at bay and make it easier for those reading to quickly identify the pattern review portion, if, say, they don't care so much about my familial anecdotes. I love the way Mary at Idle Fancy does her pattern reviews, so I'm adopting her style (because it is good, and simple, and why reinvent the wheel?) So without further adieu- my review of the Prefontaine Shorts pattern for Kids- by Made With Moxie.

Things I loved:

  • the simple construction- they come together quite intuitively, and the instructions are thorough
  • the gold trim. I'm not a flashy person, in general, but the gold with this neutral linen just gets me.
  • even with all the trim to apply, the pattern sews up quickly. quick projects FTW!
Things I changed:
  • I used bias tape instead of t-shirt trim. I love upcycling, though, so I'm sure I'll do the t-shirt trim on another pair!
  • I made an exposed sport elastic waistband rather than encased elastic, and just followed the directions from the Women's version of the pattern to do so.
Things I'll change next time:
  • I may raise the back rise just a bit, particularly for when we start using our cloth diapers again. A little extra junk in the trunk calls for more coverage:)
Notions & Fabric:
  • Upcycled linen dress (seen here)
  • gold bias tape from Hobby Lobby
  • sport elastic from JoAnn
And one more picture, for good measure. You're welcome, Mom!