Metallic Dot Bombshell

Yep, it's another bathing suit. I'm a little obsessed. It's just such an immensely satisfying project! Maybe it's because I never thought I'd make a bathing suit, or maybe its all those years of ill fitting suits, but I just can't help but feel rockin when I put on my self made suit and head to the pool. So I made another, using the same fabulous Bombshell pattern by Closet Case Files. Because why not?

So this suit. I made the maillot version this time around. I was attracted to this version first thing, but chose the halter style last time due to the 'holding power' up top. I haven't taken this one for a swim yet (I finished it just in time for pictures last night- actually the straps were safety pinned on shhh) but it feels nice and snug, so I don't anticipate any issues on that front.

As for my thoughts on the pattern- I'm still a believer! Heather from Closet Case Files is a rockstar in my book for creating this pattern. My covered bum thanks you, Heather! I followed the sew along for instructions and again didn't have any problems figuring out what to do. The pictures and directions were very clear. I'd say this is a project for an intermediate seamstress. You'd need to be comfortable with gathering (because the entire suit is gathered) and feel comfortable working with knits. I wouldn't want swim fabric to be the first knit I'd ever sewn with because it is just more fiddly than other knits.

Changes I made: I measured myself sans clothing this time to get a more accurate fit. Sure enough, I should have made an 8/10 last time. Grading from an 8 top to 10 bottom the fit was near perfect. I sewed the lining pieces together as a muslin, which I highly recommend, since taking the suit in after the gathering is sewn is not fun. I ended up taking in the side seams another inch on each side at the very top because I have a seriously small rib cage. Since I made the muslin/lining I was able to make the alterations to the pattern pieces before anything was sewn or gathered, which was much easier than the adjustments I made last time after everything was sewn.

I also added a built in bra (this one, for anyone wondering) and I'm really happy with the support it gives. It is a one piece (rather than two separate cups) and has an elastic band at the bottom, almost giving a faux shelf bra feel to it. The cups are nice and soft so they don't give the cone boob look that some sew in cups have. It's just enough support to make me feel like I'm going to stay in place, without the hassle of a full underwire bra. I should have snagged a picture of it before I sewed it in, but here it is sewn in to the lining. You can see in this picture I literally just sewed around the entire outline of the bra. You can also see how pretty this suit looks from the inside. The black lining hides all the stitching that was very visible on my other suit:)

But enough about boobs. Let's talk about fabric! This metallic polka dot fabric was a JoAnns find! Metallic. Polka dots. Win win, right?!

I'm super happy with my (second) swimsuit, and I'm super happy with what I've made (so far) with the patterns from Perfect Pattern Parcel. I think parcel #3 is a great collection of patterns, and Perfect Pattern Parcel is a great company. I've loved seeing what everyone has sewn up so far and can't wait to see the rest of the ladies on the tour! Parcel #3 is available until this Friday- so if you want all these awesome summer patterns, now is the time!

Thanks, Jill and Danny from Perfect Pattern Parcel, for sending me these patterns and inviting me to be a part of the inspiration tour! I feel a bit like I'm in middle school and just got invited to a poplar girl's birthday party- totally in awe of all the super awesome people I'm here with, but also really hoping they don't realize how out of place I am, whispering under my breath "just be cool, keep it together!"

Thanks for reading!!

PS- Just for the sake of full disclosure- I was sent the patterns in Parcel #3 in exchange for my sewing one item from them and sharing it as part of the inspiration tour. I am not being paid for writing this and no portion of the sale will be paid to me. I do get an entry to a fabric giveaway for each click over to the PPP site from my blog, which is super cool! I hope I win!

PPS- I need to think of better names for my projects, I think. Metallic Dot Bombshell is da best I gots. What can I say- I call em like I see em!