Sewing for Perfect Pattern Parcel #2- Charly's Spring Look

Here is part 2 of the looks I created using the patterns from Perfect Pattern Parcel. If you missed it, the first one is here. I couldn't stop myself from making more than one of these great patterns- so I used two to make Charly this outfit.

Charly always gets more home sewn stuff because she is the oldest and doesn't have hand me downs. Thus, every season change (or growth spurt), I'm brainstorming things I can make for her. These days all she wants are dresses, but she also thinks shirts that are flowy or have a little flounce are dresses. I knew the Hanami top would fit the bill for a "dress" and I was dying to sew up some Hosh pants. The Bimaa is one of my absolute favorite patterns so I figured I'd like another LouBee pattern.

I scoured the thrift store for some fabric and wound up finding this gem:

It is rayon, which I thought would make for a nice flowy Hanami, and I like the small print. So 90's, but hey, thats coming back right? Right? Or did I hear that wrong? Anyway, there's enough fabric left for a whole other project, so you may be seeing this again soon.
The top sewed up beautifully. I opted for the crossed back to give it a little something something. I love the look, but the buttons are a bit hard to reach on the inside flap. I lengthened the bodice and skirt each by an inch for my tall skinny gal. I also opted to leave the sleeves unlined and just serge a rolled hem on the edges to make them a little more drapey.

I used a lightweight apparel lining rather than another layer of rayon. I love the finished look of the fully lined bodice, and the edge stitching keeps everything in place nicely.

The pants are a stretch twill from Joanns. I love the pop they give with this neutral top. I neglected to measure my little lady before cutting and sewing them. Oops. They were baggy and the bum was saggy so I had to make some alterations, but I'm confident that if I'd followed directions they would have been fine as is. Just as I suspected they were simple to construct and came together so fast. The adjustable waistband saved my bacon and is great for my skinny kid!
I'd definitely make both of these patterns again. The Hosh is a great staple skinny pant that can almost pass as leggings but has a more polished look. Charly is suddenly vehemently against jeans, so I'm happy to have a pants pattern with a bit of polish but lots of comfort, too.
So... are you convinced that you NEED these patterns yet?

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

Get all five (and the bonus shorts if you pay $24 or more) by clicking the link below.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

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