Kids Clothes Week Winter 2014

I was much more casual in my kids clothes week participation this go around, mostly out of necessity. We've had a crazy busy year so far, so I set my expectations of myself nice and low, and managed to make a few nice items. I had to remind myself that the commitment is just to sew (or prep) for an hour each day that week. I managed to squeeze it in, but the first day was spent setting up my new sewing space- we moved! But more on that later. Anyhow, despite Kids Clothes Week ending nearly a week ago I just finished up the buttons and buttonholes last night, but I'm really happy with what I made. First up: Caroline's outfit.

This little number is completely made of repurposed clothes. The leggings are from a knit dress I snagged at the thrift store a while back. Wish I had a picture- but just imagine a XXL polo in dress length. Covered in polka dots. I used the fancy pants leggings pattern, size 18-24m, and they fit just right around her giant cloth diaper bum, perfect through the legs, but are several inches too long. Gotta fix that still. The pattern runs VERY slim.

I threw the headband together at the last minute to adorn that bald little noggin. When is this girl gonna grow some hair?

The top is Oliver and S Family Reunion tunic, made of a chambray dress that never quite fit me right. It was a bit big but on clearance when I bought it, so I took it in (haphazardly) and took in too much. Boo. The fabric is butter soft though, so it worked just great for this little gal. I sewed up the 12-18 month size and she's got room to grow, so it will serve us well this spring!

Red buttons, because why not?

And now, Charly's outfit. Getting this girl to pose for pictures is a Herculean task these days!

I used the Bimaa pattern in a 4T (she's normally a 3T, but I wanted it a bit roomier) with the cowl variation, lengthened the hem by 5in to make it a dress and shortened the sleeves a bit. I love how easy this dress is. The fabric is from JoAnn and is reversible- stripes on one side, polka dots on the other, and feels incredible. I fell in love with it in the store and had to have it. I tried to make this completely reversible by using my new serger to flatlock the seams. It took a while but it worked and it looked SO SO cute... and then within 5 minutes of her wearing it the seams were literally falling apart. I don't know what happened (probably user error) but I had to unpick and re sew the entire thing, and now it isn't reversible. Bah.

The good news is, she likes it (WIN!) and it works great as a little dress to wear over her dance clothes...

or with some leggings and boots...

or for general diva stuff, like, you know, belting out "Let It Go" into your dollar store echo mic.

 I had quite a few more items planned, so fingers crossed I get some things sewn up in the next few weeks. Kid's clothes week did give me a good kick in the creative pants, so I'm excited about a couple more things I have in the queue!
Thanks for reading!