Mod Paisley Dress (AKA The Merida, or "I made my kid a muu muu")

Once again, a dress I sewed several months ago, photographed a couple months later, and now I'm finally posting. Hooray! This one is a variation on the Maggie Mae pattern, which I used to make this dress. Dark blue means it's a Merida dress, just like the one Merida wears in the latter part of the movie Brave. So. Much. Princess talk. All day, you guys.


I thrifted this dress a long time ago, so I don't remember the cost, but it couldn't be more than $7 or so. I can't get enough of this fabric. The colors are saturated and fun and the print begged to be a little mod dress. I think the fabric is rayon- something kinda silky and unexpected for kids clothes. I like that. It was a little tricky to work with, but nothing unmanageable.


I used the Maggie Mae pattern as a base, and used the tutorial from Shwin and Shwin to lengthen the sleeves.  I altered the bodice by adding 5" to the width (in the center), and lengthening it to dress length, omitting the skirt pieces. I gathered the added width in both front and back before sewing it to the top bodice/sleeve piece. The top bodice portion is lined and the inside seams are all finished with either bias tape (on the seams connecting the bodice pieces) or french seams (the skirt side seams). Lining the top bodice/sleeve portion was tricky. Next time I'll opt to leave the lining out if I do long sleeves. I'll also make the sleeves a little wider, since they are snug around her elbow already.

Once I got it all sewed up I looked at it and realized I basically designed a muu muu for my child. And spent several hours making it. I guess 60's mod is only a few steps away from a full blown muu muu:) This is probably Charly's favorite dress- she's worn it nearly twice a week since I finished it. It has transitioned to winter nicely with the addition of some tights, a cardigan and a belt (which I usually can't convince her to keep on).