Green and Gold (AKA The Tiana Dress)

I sewed this dress up over the summer, took pictures in the fall, and now here we are in December and I'm blogging about it. Better late than never?

This is another Geranium dress I whipped up (and yes, that is the right term- it sews up so fast!) but this time I added some embroidery. I was inspired by this picture (uploaded to Pinterest, so I don't know the original source- sorry!) of sashiko- Japanese embroidery- and decided to try my hand at some simple line embroidery. Β Charly is my little princess lover, so anything I make is automatically beloved if I can link it to a princess. Green dress= Tiana dress. Logical. I'm just grateful she has a good imagination and doesn't require it to look exactly like the dress from the movie. You'd better believe she runs and sings (screams) songs from The Princess and the Frog every time she wears it. My favorite is "tuh-RIALS and trib-uh-lay-shuns, yuh know I, had my SHAAA-are!"

Gold shoes are a must. One advantage to living in such an ethnically diverse area as DC is that gems like these are readily available, even at a thrift store!


Green Kona cotton from Joanns, and lined in the same. The embroidery floss is gold metallic and a pain to work with, but my isn't it pretty?! The buttons are from an antique store in Leesburg, VA.


The embroidery, as I mentioned, was made more difficult by user error- why did I not think about how difficult it would be to keep that cut pattern piece in an embroidery hoop?! I made it work though, and the rest came together easy breezy.

This dress has gotten tons of wear, and I've finally learned the trick to making things my daughter likes. Tie it to a movie and she's sold!