KCW Days 5, 6 and 7: Costumes!

Kids Clothes Week got a little crazy there at the end. I mentioned in this post that I was switching gears and tackling costumes- and that's exactly what I did. Our church Halloween party was the Saturday before Halloween so I had a looming deadline. We had talked for a while about being characters from Tangled- Charly being Rapunzel (of course), Matt being Flynn Ryder, Caroline as Pascal, and me as Mother Gothel. This is pretty much how every fantasy of Charly's goes. Every day she is a main character of some sort while Matt is her counterpart. Caroline is someone small, and I am the mean or undesirable character. I don't take offence, but I'm starting to think I should... Anyway, I wasn't on board because I wasn't sure how I was going to do a Pascal costume or a Flynn Ryder vest. Everything else I knew we could borrow or thrift, but I knew I'd have to make those ones. After I spent hours on Charly's lamb costume for her first Halloween and she wore it for less time than I spent making it I lost interest in sewing elaborate costumes. But then I remembered something- a tie dye hoodie (size 4t) that fades from yellow to green that was in our bag of stuff to donate to the thrift store. And I was sold. It was pretty much made for a chameleon costume! Only 3.5 sizes too big, but since its only a costume I just took it in on the sides, hood, and sleeves in a not-so-professional manner, added a stuffed tail, felt eyeballs, and another pair of fancy pants leggings (made from a thriftted shirt) and BAM. Pascal. That was day 5 (and a little of day 6) of Kids Clothes Week.

The eyes are made from felt and buttons and are hot glued together

Its kind of hard to photograph the costume of a baby who can't sit up yet, so I enlisted some help.

Matt's costume was the only other one that required sewing. Flynn has a pretty distinctive vest, so any ole vest from the thrift store wouldn't really convey the character the way a custom vest would. I brainstormed how to make it using some sort of quilted fabric, since Flynn's vest seems to be quilted, but at the fabric store I couldn't find what I wanted. Felt was $2.99 a yard and didn't require hemming or proper seam finishing, so I switched gears and couldn't be happier. There are about a thousand things I would never want to use cheap felt for, but a Halloween costume is not one of them. I made it using a shirt of Matt's as a template and pretty much winged the whole thing, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. Although it technically isn't kids clothes, Matt's vest (and part of Caroline's costume) was day 6 of Kids Clothes Week.

The rest of our costumes we had on hand, borrowed, or in just a few cases, bought. Since I'm always one for sharing a good deal, here's the budget breakdown for our costumes.


  • dress $0 (already owned)
  • wig $0 (borrowed)
  • shirt $4 (thrifted)
  • pants $0 (already owned)
  • boots $6 (for two rolls of duct tape, with coupons)
  • vest $3 (made from felt)
  • satchel $0 (already owned)
  • sweatshirt $0 (already owned, and already had the felt)
  • pants $2 (made from a thrifted turtleneck, along with the tail)
Mother Gothel:
  • dress $0 (borrowed from a friend)
  • wig $0 (borrowed)
  • cape $8 (bought)
  • gold sash $3 (just a roll of gold trim that I bought and tied around my waist)
Total: $26
Boo. Yah.

Day 7 of Kids Clothes Week I took it easy and decided to start a new project- a coat for Charly. I worked on tracing the pattern (Figgy's Nituna Coat) on tracing paper and cutting that out. That one is a back burner project right now, since I"m working on some stuff for other people, but I'll keep you updated.

And that concluded my first Kids Clothes week! Check out day 1day 2, day 3, and day 4 to see what else I made! I kind of loved doing all the prep early and then finishing so many projects in such a short amount of time. I just may do that again on my own!