KCW Day 4: Cashmere Winter Bonnet

Plugging right along today, I finished up the bonnets I had in the works this afternoon when my kids should have been napping. Just in time to sneak in a quick photo shoot with my gals. Charly played the part of the unwilling assistant by being bribed with the return of toys that had been banished for being left out. It was frigid out today (finally! some fall weather!) so we kept it short and hoped for some good pictures. And surprise- they were great! Lucky day!

These bonnets (I made two- one to donate to the non-profit I used to work for to auction at their upcoming fundraiser and one for little blue eyes over here) were made using the Storybook Woods Bonnet pattern. I used it once before when I made Caroline's blessing dress, which I realize now I never posted about. Hmm. I'll put that on the list. Anyway, I've never been much of a bonnet person, but I got the hankering for one of this style when I made her blessing dress and I love that it looks a little vintage, or maybe Scandinavian... I don't know.

The fabric is a tweed that I either thrifted or managed to acquire from some kind soul. I remember it smelled a little like moth balls when I got it, so it definitely wasn't new. The lining is a cashmere sweater that had a hole in it. I've been hoarding that in my box of misfit clothes as well (anyone sensing a theme here?) so I'm happy to be able to use it up. It makes me feel justified in having such a box when I actually use stuff out of it.

The flower is my own addition to the pattern. It was made by cutting petal shapes from the tweed and machine stitching around it to prevent fray, then hand stitching each petal to the outer fabric. Both were finished off with a vintage button from a local antique store.

I'm taking a detour from my planned projects this week to work on halloween costumes. We've talked for weeks about all dressing up from the movie Tangled, but until now hadn't committed (mostly because I didn't want to make all the costumes) but now I'm on board and we are making it happen. I really only have a few items to make between the four of us, so hopefully I'll get to squeeze in at least one more item of kids clothes before the week is up. I've got Caroline's Pascal the chameleon costume partially done, so fingers crossed I'll be able to finish it up tomorrow and share!