KCW Day 3: Stitched Geranium (with fancy pants leggings)

Despite a lengthy trip to the library for story time and a stop off at Target (which is never a quick trip) I managed to get some sewing in today during naps and finished up Caroline's dress. I used the Geranium pattern from Made By Rae, but drafted my own sleeves.

I did the embroidery over the weekend as part of my prep for KCW. I'm new to embroidery and really just making it up as I go along. I was inspired by Japanese sashiko embroidery- look it up, it's beautiful! I love that it is made up of such simple stitches.

The fabric came from a hand me down dress from my sister in law. It was one of those dresses that looked like it should be cute but looked pretty terrible on so it went in to my 'box of misfit clothes', if you will, until I found a higher purpose for it. This little lady sports it like nobody's business. A perfect fall staple, I do believe. I love how these look with her fancy pants leggings from yesterday.

I've got two bonnets in the works that I'll finish up during nap time tomorrow if all goes well. I love getting so many projects finished! My to-make list is never ending, so it feels nice to be crossing off a few things faster than I add more on.
Big shout out to my husband, who has been editing my pictures each day, supporting me as I obsessively sew, listening to my rambling about the state of various sewing projects, and living in this filthy mess:
Occasionally people will ask how I find the time to sew. This is how. I definitely have to let something else go if I want to focus on projects, and today it was the laundry. And dishes. Just my whole apartment really. Here's to keeping it real!