KCW Day 2

I didn't finish any projects today, but I made good progress on a geranium dress for Caroline. No pictures of that, though. Sorry! I'm hoping to finish that up tomorrow.
I do have pictures of the leggings I managed to eke out at the end of day 1, and a cute baby wearing them.

This little lady is long and lean, making it difficult to find pants that fit her. She wears cloth diapers that manage to fill out the waist better but most leggings are baggy on the legs even, or are too short. I used the fancy pants legging pattern and it fits great! I sewed up the 6-12 month size for my almost six month old. I made them out of a stained t shirt that Matt had and used the existing hem, because why not? I also lengthened them by accident because I forgot to subtract the seam allowance for the hem when I opted to use the original hem. Happy accident, because I kinda like how they bunch at the bottom.

Here's hoping for a finished product tomorrow!