KCW day one: Autumn Apple Sweater

It's day one of Kids Clothes Week, and the sewing gods looked kindly on me today. Not only did I have a full hour of both kids napping (WHAT?! awesome!) but I didn't run into any problems. I didn't have to unpick a single thing. Not one. I finished constructing this sweater in just over an hour.
The pattern is the Bimaa Sweater. This is the first time I've made it and I'm in love. The construction process is straightforward, and because of the cuffs and waistband it requires no hemming. Hooray for not having to hem knits! Charly is between a size 2T and 3T right now, and I opted for the 2T because I generally like a trimmer fit. This pattern is a great slim fit, so next time I'll cut a 3T.

Also, is this not the most autumnal fabric you have ever seen? Its a sweater knit I picked up from the clearance rack of Joanns over a year ago. After sewing this I'm tempted to pick up more knits like this- it was much easier than jersey knits I've sewn with before.

The cowl was perfect for this print, but now I'm itching to sew up the hood version of this sweater. I'm calling day one a success! I also nearly finished some leggings for Caroline, but not in time to try them on her or photograph them, so I'll include them in tomorrow's post. Time for a sewing break so I can watch Blacklist. James Spader is the man.