Color Blocked Maggie Mae Dress

I bought the Maggie Mae dress/tunic pattern a long time ago and am kicking myself for not making it sooner. I love the lines of this little dress! It lends itself well to color blocking because of the piecing on the bodice.

Charly had been asking for a Belle dress for a while (she is completely, one hundred percent, princess obsessed) so I obliged by upcycling/refashioning this yellow thrifted shirt (along with part of an old sheet for the white) into the cute little number above.

I lengthened the dress since my gal seems to grow only up and never out, so hopefully we'll get some good wear out of it. I also reused the original buttons- which makes this dress cost next to nothing!

The pattern was fairly easy to follow, although there were some techniques I chose to do differently because I liked the finish better. I'm not one for cutting corners in my sewing- I'm just too much of a perfectionist for it to not bother me down the line, so if I know a nicer way to finish an edge or detail I usually do. I wish I would have added a lining for the skirt portion, since my fabric is slightly sheer. I have her wear white stretchy shorts underneath instead.

I wouldn't say this is a beginner pattern- probably more like intermediate. My fabric was slippery which meant I had to take my time, so I'm sure it would come together quicker in a cotton. All in all I'm happy with the finished product, aside from the spot on the FRONT (ack!) that I melted with the iron on the final pressing. Yes, just as I was finishing, I melted the dress. The worst. It isn't too noticeable since it caused the fabric to wrinkle rather than change color, so I'm planning to never point it out to her and hope she loves this dress for a long time.