Once upon a time I refashioned this 90's-tastic rayon jumper into a midi-skirt for me.

And then I wore it a handful of times over two years and always lamented the fact that I just didn't love the style or cut or something about it, to the point that every time I tried it on I took it back off pretty quickly. I liked the idea of that skirt, but didn't actually like the skirt. You know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I've been brainstorming fall/winter clothes for Charly (look for more refashions for her in the future!) and decided these multi-colored polka dots were meant for her spunky self. It wanted to be a circle skirt for a spicy 2 year old and now it has fulfilled it's destiny.

I used this circle skirt tutorial, but made my waist measurement 5 inches larger than her actual waist so that I could have a slight gather when I attached it to the waistband. I used this adjustable waistband tutorial and made it a 2/3t size. It uses buttons and tabs to go from a 2t at the smallest to a 3t at the largest, with one size in between. It's nice to know that after putting in the time (although this was one of the less time consuming projects I've done lately) that she'll be able to wear it for a long time.

I've decided a circle skirt is perfect for a little girl. It is feminine and twirly but doesn't constrict movement at all. Perfect for my little explorer!

Anyone else ever made a circle skirt? It might be my new favorite.