"I'm gonna be on my birthday"

The title of this post is the response Charly gave the week of her birthday when anyone asked her how old she was or how old she was going to be. We tried for a long time to get her to say "I'm going to be two on my birthday", but somehow the 'two', the only necessary part to that answer, was missing every time.

She was trying so hard to figure out how to hold up just two fingers... we never quite got it right

So now that it has been one month exactly- hey everyone! Charly turned two! We had a fun but laid back day doing some of Charly's favorite things, including riding the carousel at the mall as well as the escalators AND eating at Chik Fil A. We had cupcakes with a few friends that evening so we could sing Happy Birthday (still one of her favorite songs) and blow out her two candles, which she couldn't wait till the end of the song to do, so we re-lit them a few times. She loved it all, but to this day, when I ask her about her birthday, she talks about the scary cow at Chik Fil A. Hopefully some good memories snuck in there too!

Charly is a vivacious, fun loving, sassy, contemplative, picky, energetic, silly, stubborn, and completely awesome two year old. She is smart as a whip and surprises me all the time with the things she says. I love that little stinker to her core- and not just because she is my kid, but because she is her. One hundred percent, thoroughly awesome person.

I've seen this idea floating around Pinterest- to make a birthday interview video each year of your kids. Since Charly is so chatty I figured we'd start this year- and here it is, unedited and not the greatest quality. I think I translate most of what is hard to understand, so hopefully you can understand. Here it is!