Easter Dress Refashion

I bought this dress shortly before Matt and I got married almost four years ago. I loved it. But now my style has changed some (hopefully for the better) and I didn't really dig it. Plus I never felt like it fit me quite right. I almost donated it to the thrift store a few times but I couldn't bring myself to let it go.

I planned on making an Easter dress for Charly this year but had put it off while working on the wedding dress. It came down to the wire last week and I almost nixed my plans, but the I realized I had this gem to refashion. It didn't take a whole lot of time because I was able to keep the existing hem for the sleeves and hem of the new dress. I made a simple pattern using one of Charly's shirts and had this done in two evenings:
It isn't anything fancy, but it will be a great little dress for her this summer! I had a good time refashioning this dress for my little one. I definitely think there will be more refashions for kiddos in the future! 
Oh and PS- this is Uncle Hank- Matt's parent's dog. He usually detests Charly's rambunctious adoration of him, but I think he is finally coming around. Charly, of course, was delighted. More Easter weekend pics to come!