Recovered Car Seat

I've got a project to share today that I finished just before I jetted off to Utah. 
Remember back in October how my talented friend Brinn took our family photos? And they turned out fantastic (as usual)? Well she's having a baby. A little girl. And since she takes pictures and I sew, we worked out a little trade. She wanted her old car seat re-covered and girl-ified.

I used this tutorial and basically just de-constructed it, used the old fabric as a pattern, then put it back together with cuter fabric. There was a lot of unpicking involved. But, I finished it just in the knick of time, got it sent off before I left on my trip, and Brinn was kind enough to take a picture of the finished product:

The button on the right was a last minute touch that I added to the infant head rest thingy- it is a buffalo button, which I thought only fitting since baby girl will be named Wyoming!

This project was really fun- I LOVE the fabrics, and it kinda made me want to re-cover Charly's big girl car seat.

So whaddya think? Anyone else itching to cover their car seat now?