Deck the Halls

Christmas is six (SIX!) days away and I have much to blog about. Like, say, gifts I've made (although some can't be shared till after the holidays, lest we spoil some gift-giving surprises), stockings I finished long ago, baby sleep updates, haircuts (a few), and some recipes. I got a great start on my Christmas gift making this year, and it is a good thing, because Matt and I were asked to plan our church Christmas party (with the help of a great committee) so Christmas making went to the back burner while party planning was in full swing. The party was on Saturday so now I'm full steam ahead for Christmas.

Our decorations are few this year, partially due to living in a smaller place, but I like to think we've done well with what we've got. We opted for a table top tree to keep presents and ornaments from our ever-curious almost-one-year-old's hands. I used mostly the same decorations we have used in years past, with a few tweaks. My "theme" (because yes, I think about stuff like that) is retro/vintage inspired. 
If our little tree looks like it is leaning, it is because it is. Not much we can do about it, since it came with a pre-drilled in stand when we bought it. 
The view from the gift side of the counter. Charly is mesmerized by the lights but can't get her mischievous hands anywhere near it!

I like to go all out with my gift wrap. We keep our Christmas giving small, and I think beautiful wrapping helps elevate the gifts that we do have. That, and having less gifts means it isn't as daunting to wrap each with bows, ribbons, etc. See the gift on the far left? Matt wrapped that one. Nice work, eh?

We bought this cute gift tag stamp at Anthropologie. I love a little humor and whimsy with my gift wrapping:) 
Here are a few of my favorite ornaments on our tree this year:
Owl made by a friend

My bird ornament from last year.

Matt's ornament from last year- cause he's a nut!
And here is the "mantle" (really it is just an IKEA shelf mounted above the fireplace): 

Here are the completed sweater stockings. I'll post a quick tutorial if anyone is interested.

A new decor addition- wrapping paper trees! I made these for the church party and they were EASY!!! Let me know if you want a tutorial.

That is about as decked as our halls are getting this year! Bring on the Christmas cheer!