Beauty Redefined

I love the message that the ladies at Beauty Redefined are spreading. If you haven't read any of their posts (or seen their billboards, if you live in Utah), their message is about denying the media message of beauty (an unattainable standard that requires us to consume products, diet, have surgeries, etc.) and sharing what it really means to be beautiful IN REAL LIFE. Not the airbrushed fantasy land that we think is real life, but REAL LIFE. Real women. Real beauty. The kind that exudes confidence not because it is blemish free, but because it is genuine.

I started reading their blog a few months ago after someone shared it on Facebook. Perhaps it is because of my feminist background (I never thought I would claim that, by the way), or perhaps because I have a daughter of my own now, that their message really resonates with me. It is one that isn't shared enough. I wish it was a message that didn't NEED to be shared. I wish it was something we just understood. The reality is that our real life, face to face interactions are sometimes fewer than our interactions with media. I know in a single day as a stay at home mom I read blogs. I check facebook. I might watch a show on Hulu. I read articles. I do most of those things most days. I would venture to say that I see more media portrayals of people than I do actual people on any given day. Maybe I need to change that, but the point is that the lines between real life and media are easily blurred because we (I) incorporate so much of it into our lives. 
Even the innocent mommy blog can set a standard that makes you feel less than adequate. You mean you don't wear high heels and chiffon blouses when you read books to your little ones? I, for one, wear (sometimes clean) t-shirts and yoga pants on most days. 
I am a fairly smart person. I know that the person on the magazine cover isn't really as thin as she looks. That one is easy. But it goes beyond that. It is so easy to get discouraged and down on ourselves for not looking like the women we see (in the media) every day. It is easy to compare our "flaws" to others' strengths. The ladies at Beauty Redefined have given some great suggestions on how we can "take back beauty". If you have the time, take a minute to read through their ideas.

It is easy to join in- choosing just one of these suggestions to focus on can help change the way beauty is portrayed. If any of you feel so inclined, I'd love to hear your thoughts and how you are going to help "take back beauty."

PS- I know this is straying a bit from my normal subject matter, but I feel really strongly that this message needs to spread. Plus, this is my blog, and I do what I want *waves finger sassily* :)