Refashion: Preppy Pleat Skirt

Once upon a time there was a blog post about three dresses. They all desperately needed new life. The first one was granted its wish and became an easy breezy skirt. Sadly, the owner was a procrastinator, and the two other dresses sat in the closet, untouched, for months. Then, one day, a friend came to visit. She, too, brought an ugly dress that needed new life. It became a beautiful skirt as well. The owner was encouraged to work on her dresses, and the Preppy Pleat skirt was born. There was rejoicing in all the land.

Confused? Ok, so maybe I don't have a future in children's literature.

Basically, this green dress used to look like this:

and after a crafting day with my friend Annie (who refashioned this dress) it now looks like this:

It was a fun refashion. I used a basting stitch all the way around the top of the skirt to keep the pleats in place while I gutted the dress and reconstructed it with a wide waistband.

I took to post this because I didn't have a picture that I liked (and still don't- notice how my head is cropped out?) but I finally took some pictures of this and other finished projects today, so you can look forward to a few more project posts this week!

PS- Did you notice those fab shoes? I thrifted em! Seven bucks- and they are pretty much my new favorites.