Casserole Carrier

A while back I pinned this adorable casserole carrier on Pinterest. Like an outrageous number of things I pin, I had no current plans to make it. I just wanted to store that idea away for a rainy day. Naturally, when I needed to figure out a gift I could make for my sister-in-law's birthday, I turned to Pinterest and re-discovered this lovely. Candice loves to cook and bake, and is even in the midst of culinary classes now, so I knew this gift would be a hit. Operation casserole carrier commenced.

The original tutorial is found here at 2 little hooligans. I chose to use cotton belting for the straps like the one I originally pinned. I also followed homemade by jill's advice to lengthen the long piece- which I found to be longer than I needed once all was said and done. Perhaps her dish had larger handles, which made the lengthening necessary. This tutorial uses insul-brite to keep the dish cold/hot. I was able to find that at JoAnns. The fabric is also from JoAnns, off the clearance rack. I'd been eyeing it for a while with no projects to use it for. The pattern is totally something Candice would love, so I was happy to have a reason to buy some! I have a little bit left over so I should be able to make a little something for me.

I love that there is a place to keep a serving spoon. I always forget to take a serving spoon with my dish.

We went to Richmond this past Saturday for the birthday festivities. It was so fun to surprise Candice at the restaurant for birthday breakfast! We had a fun weekend and were glad we could be there for the celebration. She loved her casserole carrier- and I was happy to have a gift that she wasn't at all expecting. Gift giving is so fun when it is a surprise!

I've been trying to do a lot of my gifts handmade this year. I like giving something original and personal. I'm hoping to be able to make a lot of the Christmas gifts this year. I'm starting to gear up for that already. I know it is only September, but I don't want to be crazy stressed as we prepare for Charly's first Christmas. I've got plans to make stockings and some decor as well this year. Should be fun!