Refashion: The Granny Rose Dress

While I was in Utah I hit up the DI (local thrift store) with my sister Kenzie. I showed you guys a few of our finds in this post. In a second trip to our beloved thrift store I went looking for a dress I could refashion for my dear friend Katie Dalton's wedding, which was the day after I flew home. It needed to be pink, which limited my options, but we were still able to find something I could work with. Can you believe that this beauty:

Started out as this:

Kenzie thought I was crazy when I pulled it off the rack. I instantly thought of this dress from Shabby Apple:

At $8, my thrifted and refashioned Granny Rose dress costs $80 less than it's Shabby Apple inspiration. Cha-Ching! 
It took quite a bit to go from granny mumu (seriously, I wish I had a before picture of it on, it was HUGE!) to my delightful Granny Rose dress, but I'm super happy with the results! I took in the bodice, added pleats on the shoulder (so the shoulder seam would be at the right spot), and drastically changed the skirt. One of my tricks was to cut the skirt portion from the bodice and then reattach it after i had shortened it. That way I didn't have to re-hem, which is the pits. I used some of the extra skirt fabric to make my flowers. The sleeves are gathered a bit to add a feminine touch.  

 Whaddaya think? Was I crazy to think my mumu could be the cat's meow?

PS- The belt was also thrifted- $2!