Unique Thrift

This past weekend we were in Maryland for a wedding. While driving from the temple to the luncheon site, I caught a glimpse of Unique Thrift Store, and we had to stop. One of Matt's co-workers had told him about this thrift store chain and we had set our hearts on making it there when we had a free weekend. We haven't had a free weekend in a while, so imagine our surprise when we happened to drive right past one!

This place was like the size of Wal Mart. Seriously. I think it was in an old grocery store. I wouldn't say it was the cheapest thrift store I have ever been to, but the variety was incredible! We didn't spend a whole lot of time there (I could thrift shop for hours), but enough to make out with quite a haul!

We had been wanting to get a globe for, oh, like a year and a half or so, so when we saw this one for $12 we knew it was ours.

I have also had my eye on vintage suitcases for some time now, but I can never justify the cost, or find ones in good enough shape that they are actually functional. Unique had theirs for half off that day- its a wonder I didn't leave with more than just this one!

Love these clasps. Things were built to last back then.

Still in great shape inside!

We also found a snazzy leather briefcase for Matt. Cause he's a professional now, you know. A little leather conditioner and this thing will be swanky as ever.

Made in Canada. Cool I guess?

Very sturdy.

Probably my favorite find, though, was this fantastic vintage 50's/60's dress. FIVE DOLLARS! I love the fabric and love the fit. Wearing it makes me feel like I should be taking a jello salad to a pot luck barbecue or something.

There you have it, a few fantastic thrift finds. We'll probably make another trip (to a closer location) sometime in the future. After all, you can take the girl out of the thrift store, but you can't take the thriftiness out of the girl!

(thats a thing people say, right? I'm not just making it up? Ok, so I might have made it up.)