Crib Mobile (Finally!)

Back in December I made these cute little birds (pattern found here) for a mobile I had planned for the nursery. Do you guys remember how cute that mobile turned out? No? Oh yeah. I never finished it. I made all those birds and then never got around to assembling the mobile. To be honest, I knew the balancing act that would be, well, balancing the mobile, would be difficult. I thought about it every so often as I transferred it from one to-do list to the next and tried to think of ways I might make it easier. Finally, yesterday, I buckled down and bought the supplies to try and tackle this adorable mobile, with my own twist.

I worked on it last night and this morning (in between feedings and multiple failed naps) and finally have a finished product to share! I even got it hung up.

It was a little precarious getting the hook installed (ok, very precarious) but I got er done. It *may* have involved standing on the edge of the crib, while holding power tools, and I *may* have lost my balance and gotten a big bump/bruise on my shin. Maybe. 

Anyhow, my version includes dowels instead of tree branches (cause I couldn't find branches I was happy with. I'm a perfectionist) and an embroidery hoop . I also staggered my "branches" so that they aren't all linked- two "branches" connect directly to the hoop, and one hangs off of each of those, rather than each hanging off of the one above it. 
Each is secured with two strings because I thought it would make balancing easier. I'm not sure it did, but I kind of like the intermingling of the strings. I also ended up weighing one of the birds (I'm not telling which one) with beans, three pennies, one nickel and two batteries. Its a little surprise for whoever opens these up some day.
I love how different it looks from every angle. I don't love the lighting in these pictures, but it was already hung  when I realized the light available would not be the best, and at that point I was not crawling back up on that crib. I mean, if that even happened :)
I'm pretty happy to finally be done with this project and have something hung up in Charly's room. Hopefully we'll have more progress to report soon!