Upcoming Refashions

I've been searching thrift stores for a fantastic 90's era print dress to do a skirt refashion on. Not much luck around here, but when we visited Buena Vista last weekend we made a quick trip to Goodwill and found not one, but three fantastically patterned dresses. At four dollars each, I bought all three. Now I need to decide what to do with all of them, which is where you all come in. Since there are three, I'd like to get some variety- at least one dress and one skirt, but any combination of those could work. Heck, I could end up with a skirt, dress and shirt, or two skirts and a dress, or two dresses and a skirt... you get the idea. I'd love some feedback though on what you all think would look nice (or if you think they are just awful all together with no potential to look chic) and which dresses would be best for what. So, with that, here they are, with a short description by each one.

(Like my self-portrait in the mirror in front of the mini-blinds setup? Classy, I know. At least I made the bed. For once.)

Dress #1
Ugh, note to self: picture taking face is not attractive. 

This little number totally reminds me of something my Grandma B would have worn, and I love that. I was drawn to this great pattern and the detail on the hemline. It has a cute vintage-y button along the collar that could be repurposed as well. The fabric is a little bit silky, but definitely not silk. I like the pleats in the skirt portion. The waistband is stretchy under that belt. 
Here is a closeup of the fabric- the color is pretty true-to-life:
 Dress #2
There we go, cover it with the hand. Good move. 
I absolutely love this paisley print! The fabric is maybe polyester, and has some stretch to it. Not the best feeling fabric, but I think (hope) the print makes up for it. The bodice is super simple, kind of like the knit t-shirt I made, where the sleeves are an extension of the bodice piece. This one is also stretchy at the waistband. The back has a keyhole button detail that is kind of fun. I love that it has a belt, but not sure I would actually wear this bright one with it (perhaps a neutral belt would tone down the print? I dunno.)

And a closeup:

Dress #3

This polka dot jumper is just fun. I totally dig the pink buttons, and the brightly colored polka dots on a more conservative color background. This dress is Rayon, which definitely reminds me of 90's dresses. There is just a tiny bit of stretch to this waist, not a lot. You could pair this with a lot of different colors and (maybe) even patterns. I'm not sure though. I'm definitely trying to get more adventurous with my wardrobe, but if I take things too far, you guys gotta let me know, K?

Closeup with the button:

I'm pretty excited to get started on these projects, and I'll try to take pictures along the way to explain the process. I definitely need some input though- help a sister out!