Porc and Beans (porcupine pincushion)

Believe it or not, as long as I have been sewing I've never had a pincushion. I just put my pins back into the tiny plastic box they came in. It's silly, really. I see the tomato looking ones at the fabric store, but they seem so hum drum to me, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy one (despite the fact that they are super cheap). I found this pattern on Prudent Baby and filed it away for later (aka- pinned it to a board on Pinterest. Don't know what I'm talking about? read this post.)

Saturday night we rented a movie (wish it was a romcom, it wasn't) and I whipped this little guy up while we watched.

I think he's pretty cute!

Now I have a little furry (ok, poky) friend for my desk and somewhere to store my pins that is less prone to tipping and spilling all over my carpet. I love that he is kinda cute and quirky. I also love that it was a quick project. Those keep me going between the more drawn out projects I tend to get myself into.

Difficulty: EASY! No sewing machine required! It is made of felt and hand stitched.
Cost: CHEAP! $0.39 for a piece of felt, used thread I already had, beans from the pantry (to weigh it down) and scrap fabric to stuff it.

Basically, I feel silly for not making a pincushion earlier. Its just one of those things I always talked about doing and never did. I'm happy to finally check it off the list- and I love me some lists!