An evening project

This weekend we are having family pictures taken by the ever fabulous Brinn Willis. It's our Mother's day gift to Matt's mom (don't worry, she already knows), since they haven't had pictures done in a long time, and the family has grown. We are working off of a coordinating color scheme, so I'm trying to figure out mine and Charly's outfits. I haven't made much progress on mine (I know, I'm running out of time!) but I whipped out the ole' sewing machine to make a little something for Charly last night (after our chill out day). What I ended up with is these little cuties:

Aren't they just fun!? The tutorial is found here on Fleeting Thing. It was a three-ish hour project. I still need to pick up some thin elastic and attach it across the top to keep these little flats on her wiggly feet. 
The hardest part was getting those ruffles right. It took a little patience, but I think they turned out great! 
If I had a serger I would have serged around the inside seam so it looked a little cleaner. I'm not too worried about it though, despite my perfectionist tendencies.
My main complaint about the pattern/tutorial is that she doesn't specify the seam allowance except for on one part. Perhaps she has a standard seam allowance that I just don't know about, but for the ruffles I found they only worked with the tiniest little seam allowance- as in, the needle was dancing on the edge of the fabric. When sewing the sole to the top portion I kept the edge of my fabric at the edge of my presser foot and it ended up fitting Charly perfectly. You might be able to adjust that seam allowance to make the finished product a touch bigger/smaller. All in all, a fun evening project. Now I just need something for me to wear... and a haircut. It's been waaaaaay too long.