Are you pinterested?

Let me share with you a little secret. Its called pinterest. It is my new addiction. It is probably apparent to most of you that I love perusing the interweb. I read lots of blogs (and thanks to google reader I get them all delivered to me) and make things from said blogs. I get most of my projects/ideas from the internet. That being said, I thought pinterest would just be another online time suck that I would become addicted to. I didn't realize the value and ease that pinterest would bring to the table.

Pinterest is a place to catalog things- inspiration, products, projects, etc., in picture form. Its like an online cork-board, if you will. Not knowing how it worked, I thought that you would just find pictures while perusing pinterest and 'tag' them to your profile. Oh no, folks. It is so much better. You essentially attach a link to your bookmarks bar that allows you to 'pin' any picture from the web. It also saves the page location of where the picture is from. You can create different boards to organize your pins, follow others' pins, and comment on pins of those you know. It is, as I like to say, 'easy, peasy, puddin' pie.' So now, rather than an ever-growing word document with links to projects I want to make, I have a board labeled 'projects' that has pictures of each one, with a link to the tutorial attached. I also have one for home decor ideas, hairstyles (I'm in need of a major change) and I'll be adding a food board soon. Pinterest is changing the way I surf the web. The possibilities are endless!

Online time suck? Maybe. But its oh-so-fun, and now I've got a spring-board of inspiration. Are you convinced yet?

If you happen to join, or already use pinterest, feel free to follow me (direct link here) and share what you've got too!