Fabric Journal Cover

Let me just start by saying that I love journals. I love a nice thick paper, one that takes pen like a dream. Most of all though, I love the potential of a journal. Just the idea of this empty book ready to be filled with whatever is kind of magical to me.
a few of my beautiful journals

I used to be great at filling them, but lately that hasn’t been my strong suit. That doesn’t deter me from perusing and occasionally buying a nice sturdy journal.
For instance, that soft red leather one above. Found that at Ross for 4 buckaroos. I held on to it for a while and then thought it would be great to fill with messages to Charly that I would write during my pregnancy. It currently sits with one entry, dated May 20 of last year. My grand plans petered out on that one.
Despite my less than satisfactory journal usage, I still *love* a cute journal, so when I saw the tutorial for this fabric journal cover on Bloom I added it to my future projects list (which, by the way, grows just about every day. At this rate we’ll never run out of crafty posts!) and tucked it away. The other day I was pondering on what I could make for some gifts (I’m all about handmade gifts) I remembered the journal cover and the coupons I had for Joann’s and I got to work!
I was able to make both of these yesterday while (sort of) taking care of Charly. Usually my projects wait until nap time, but yesterday was a particularly rough day and Charly didn’t nap much. But I re-heallllly wanted to get these done, so I left her on her belly on a blanket near me for some tummy time while I got to stitchin’, and of course she rolled over for the first time and I completely missed it! I heard a gentle thump (her head flopping over, I’m assuming) and she started to make some noise so I checked things out. Lo and behold she had made it to her back! The little stinker hasn’t done it again yet, but when she does I’ll try to get some video.
Anyway, back to the project. Despite caring for a child who didn’t nap much, I was able to finish two of these bad boys- so for someone who isn’t multi-tasking this could be a fairly quick project I think.
Here’s the end result:

I chose this shimmery linen blend and then just used scrap fabric I already had. I bought both journals at Ross. I almost always see journals for super cheap there, and since you are covering them it doesn’t really matter what the cover looks like. I love the way these turned out and will most likely make more for gifts in the future!