Kids Clothes Week June 2015

black and white and cute all over_1336 Hello all! Kid's clothes week has ended and it's time I blog about the two things I made before I forget about them! The theme this season was travel, and I took it as an opportunity to upcycle some of my favorite purchases from the semester I spent in China in 2007.

I bought a good share of clothes while I was there and most of them have stretched out or otherwise become unwearable but I've held on to my favorites, because memories. And also they're awesome and one of a kind except for the million people in China who probably owned the same item- ha! One of my favorite pastimes while there was documenting the "lost in translation" signs and clothing. You know, where you can almost tell what the English translation was supposed to mean but not really? These two upcycled shirts fall into that category, and aside from being totally awesome animal appliqués they reminded me of all the awesome bad translations. Exhibit A:



Fantastic, right??

The panda shirt was previously upcycled because the shirt grew too small, or I grew too big. It's hard to say which. Sadly, when I did that I just removed the panda and put it on a new shirt and got rid of the words. The panda stretched out on the new shirt, too, and got all baggy looking so I was happy to remake it into something more awesome.

And here it is, all did up for my Sweet Caroline. I call it "Black and White and Cute all over."

black and white and cute all over_1307

black and white and cute all over_1321

black and white and cute all over_1365

black and white and cute all over_1375

"are we done yet??"

black and white and cute all over_1381

black and white and cute all over_1382

Here's the details on that top:

Pattern: Pippa Peplum from See Kate Sew, Size 3

What I loved:

  • a quick and easy sew
  • basic shape is easy to customize

What I changed:

  • lengthened bodice to make it a dress
  • omitted the neck facing, cut off the neck seam allowance, and bound it with a strip of fabric.

What I'll change next time:

  • nothing in particular- I'll likely continue to bind the neck because I like that finish better than a knit facing.

Fabric & Notions:

  • Black and White Triangle ponte from Girl Charlee a while back- I bought a lot so expect to see this again!
  • Upcycled crochet panda

And now, Exhibit B:


I KNOW. Celery is kind of popular vegetable. Perfect to make in to a dress for my vegetable hating first child, haha!

I kind of didn't want to do this project  yet but after Caroline got a panda dress Charly was BEGGING for her owl dress. I thought I'd find some better fabric or something but in the end I just eked it out of the shirt as it was. It's likely the most shoddy craftsmanship I've done in a long time, but I'm ok with it. It's too short for anything other than a play dress with shorts underneath, but I only had so much fabric to work with. I even managed to keep the nonsense on the back of the shirt, too!

owl dress1

owl dress4

owl dress7

owl dress8

owl dress10

owl dress12

That owl, though. SO COOL. Charly loves it and I'm just going to keep reminding myself that that's all that matters.

Pattern: Pippa Peplum from See Kate Sew in 4t

What I loved:

  • same as above- easy construction, great basic for customizing.

What I changed:

  • lengthened to dress length
  • used existing hems for the bottom and sleeves
  • used ribbing from the original shirt for the neck
  • made a less gathered skirt portion because it was all the fabric I had left!
  • widened the neckline out of necessity so the pattern piece would fit on my existing shirt

What I'll change next time:

  • The ribbing was ok, but the bound neckline from the panda dress is my preference

Fabric & Notions

  • upcycled owl shirt

So there you have it, two lickety split upcycled Pippa Peplum dresses. They each took me about one nap time to complete, which is just the kind of project I needed after spending so much time working on the Blue Ridge Dress! Maybe next KCW I'll be better prepared, but I'm just happy I got something done this season!